Netgear Wireless Gateway : Wireless 3g Mobile Router : Wireless Vga Extension.

Netgear Wireless Gateway

netgear wireless gateway
    wireless gateway
  • A wireless gateway is a computer networking device that routes packets from a wireless LAN to another network, typically a wired WAN. Wireless gateways combine the functions of a wireless access point, a router, and often provide firewall functions as well; thus they are converged devices.
  • An access point (AP) created specifically to allow Internet connections from wireless/mobile devices. Such APs include “hot spots” at Internet cafes. While the local connection is wireless, the gateway ultimately connects to the Internet backbone, potentially several miles away.
  • NETGEAR, founded in 1996, is a US manufacturer of computer networking equipment and other computer hardware.
  • Enable additional NetGear logic (helps with NetGear based LAN configurations)

Gateway Performance 1600 CL
Gateway Performance 1600 CL
Gateway Performance 1600 cl. 1.6ghz pentium 4 512mb[128mb*4] RD RAM 13gb Hard Drive 64mb ati raedon video card diamond souncard netgear 10/100 networking card netgear wireless pci card 54mb/s cdrw drive floppy drive running windows xp home retail version. (i know this comp aint that serious in specs but its pretty amazing from when i got it) I got this computer for 5 dollars maybe 10 at the most yeah i said 5 or 10 dollars it came with the processor mobo cdrw drive and floppy drive ram was 128mb[64mb*2] no hd came with graphics no sound networkin and no os wow! so i had it running ubuntu on 256mb ram then i said the hell with it lets make it 512 throw in a retail version of xp and some networking a harddrive and boom shakalaka there we go a nice internet/productivity computer.
The Dreaded Dorm Room Workspace
The Dreaded Dorm Room Workspace
Cramped, I know, but I have to make due. From Top to Bottom... HP 3320 Printer Netgear Router Clock/Weather Radio 320 GB External HD 1TB External HD 4 Port USB Hub Razer Mamba Wireless Receiver Power Management Panels Razer Orca (Green) Razer Carcharias (Black) Razer Mamba Mouse Gateway LT2104u Netbook Alienware M15x

netgear wireless gateway
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