Cateye micro wireless mc100w - Netopia wireless usb adapter - Home wireless router review.

Cateye Micro Wireless Mc100w

cateye micro wireless mc100w
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • radio: medium for communication
  • transmission by radio waves
  • (Cat-Eyes) A person who is able to see well in the dark.
  • style of tail light. Click for other Tail Light styles.
  • Extremely small
  • See also Micro Cars
  • extremely small in scale or scope or capability
  • Micro Cars is a automobile company based in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, Founded in 1995. This was established by automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perara. Their first introduction was "Micro Privilege" which had 1000cc gasoline engine with inline 4 cylinders.
  • Small-scale

100.00 Miles!
100.00 Miles!
I stared at the MU smoke stacks, took the MKT to the Katy in McBaine, then headed south to Jefferson City. That part was mostly planned (originally, I had planned to go 30mi from the start, but I got the idea for Jeff City once I hit the Katy). The unplanned part happened when I headed north again, and I decided to go all the way to Rocheport, then turn around and head back to Columbia. It was about 98mi when I got back to Providence and Stewart, so I had to loop through downtown and MU campus for the final 2 miles.
100mi Time
100mi Time
I was hoping for less than 6hrs, but I got held up with a flat front tire just north of McBaine, and then the wind picked up once I left Rocheport. Not bad for a gravel trail and zero planning beforehand, though.

cateye micro wireless mc100w
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