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Selling Camping Equipment

selling camping equipment
  • Mental resources
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selling camping equipment - Survivor Emergency
Survivor Emergency Kit-4 Person, Emergency Zone brand, Disaster Survival Kit, 72 Hour Kit
Survivor Emergency Kit-4 Person, Emergency Zone brand, Disaster Survival Kit, 72 Hour Kit
This kit includes the following: 1 Organizational Backpack, 1 Large backpack, 1 Dynamo AM/FM radio and flashlight with lithium ion battery-rechargeable with a hand crank, 4 eight hour light sticks, Magnesium Firestarter, 4 emergency reflective sleeping bags, 4 emergency ponchos, 2 tube tents, 6 emergency candles, 4 3600 Calorie US Coast Guard approved Food Bars with a 5 year shelf life (SOS brand coconut flavor), 24 US Coast Guard approved Water Pouches (125ml each) with a 5 year shelf life (SOS brand), 1 bottle of 50 Potable Aqua water purification tablets (Aquamira brand), 1 Lexan bottle (1L), 1 multi-tool knife, 1 5-in-1 survival whistle, 1 50 ft. rope, 2 pairs of work gloves, 4 N95 masks (individually wrapped to keep clean), 1 deluxe first aid kit, 1 hygiene kit (4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, washcloth, 10 tissues, 24 wet naps, shampoo), 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 note pad, 1 pencil, 1 sewing kit and 1 Emergency Preparedness Guide.____________ ___The 48 page HOW TO PREPARE FOR ANY DISASTER gives you the steps to preparedness. It includes emergency checklists, preparedness tips, what to do before, during and after a disaster.

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UNHCR News Story: Refugees in Iraq camp to enjoy more services, rights after registration
UNHCR News Story: Refugees in Iraq camp to enjoy more services, rights after registration
A refugee and her two children take part in the registration exercise in Makhmour camp. UNHCR / H. Caux / December 8, 2010 Refugees in Iraq camp to enjoy more services, rights after registration MAKHMOUR CAMP, Iraq, July 4 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency and the Iraqi government have entered the final phase of registering refugees in Iraq with the recent completion of registration in Makhmour camp in the north. The nationwide registration of refugees in Iraq was initiated by the government in 2008 and seeks to give the refugees a wider range of rights and services, including access to education and health care, and the right to work and travel. Those registered to date include Palestinian refugees in Baghdad and Mosul as well as Syrian refugees in Mosul. The latest phase of the exercise was completed in Makhmour camp last weekend, registering a total of 10,240 Turkish refugees who received residency documents for the first time. "It is quite an achievement," said Tarik Kurdi, UNHCR's deputy representative for the Iraq operation. "This registration is about building confidence internationally in the civilian nature of the camp." Makhmour's inhabitants fled Turkey into Iraq in 1994. They first stayed in Atroush camp near the Turkish border, then split into two groups in 1997. Between 4,000 and 5,000 refugees moved to local settlements in the governorate of Dahuk and Erbil. A larger group relocated to Makhmour camp, which today looks like a small town with mud-brick houses and several shops selling food. The recent registration was undertaken by Iraq's Ministry of Interior Permanent Committee for Refugee Affairs with help from UNHCR. "In Makhmour, UNHCR has been assisting in the organization of the whole registration process, including training ministry staff for the collect of data, and providing the appropriate technical equipment," said Iraj Imomberdiev, UNHCR's acting head in Erbil. A UNHCR team of four to six people – including information technology officers – were present during the whole registration which lasted several months in the camp. Highlighting the importance of the exercise, UNHCR's Kurdi said, "The registration is a crucial step for refugees who will strengthen their refugee status by receiving a refugee residence card entitling them to several benefits, including travelling throughout Iraq without any restriction." The card is initially valid for one year and thereafter renewable for five years. With it, refugees can be issued a travel document allowing them to travel, for instance for students who want to study abroad. The refugees will also have access to Iraqi courts to register marriages. They will also have the right to medical services and education provided by the government, as well as the right to work. Some 2,000 refugees from the camp already work in companies or as daily labourers in the nearby town of Makhmour or even in Erbil, 90 minutes away. With the recent the registration, they may be able to access government posts, an opportunity university graduates have requested for several years. Registered refugees will also have the right to own land, property, cars and businesses. They can receive a public distribution system card from the government, which will entitle them to receive food rations as all Iraqi citizens and residents do. UNHCR's work in Makhmour includes monitoring the general situation and providing cash assistance on a case-by-case basis to the most vulnerable refugees, such as those with chronic illnesses. The agency also provides transport fees for young refugees studying in Erbil and Dahuk, and conducts protection and social activities for women and youth through two implementing partners. Following Makhmour camp, UNHCR and the government of Iraq will soon start a new registration of refugees in Barikacamp, home to more than1,900 refugees from Iran. By Helene Caux in Makhmour Camp, Iraq
Headed for Burrow's Camp Over Dunn's Bridge, 1914
Headed for Burrow's Camp Over Dunn's Bridge, 1914
Headed for Burrows Camp Kankakee River, Porter County, Indiana Date: 1914 Source Type: Postcard Publisher, Printer, Photographer: Cyko (#17) Postmark: August 17, 1914, Tefft, Indiana Collection: Steven R. Shook Remark: Burrows' Camp was situated in Porter County, directly north of Dunn's Bridge. It was here that Mr. and Mrs. Burrow operated a pleasure resort consisting of a theatre, which was later converted into a dance hall, and a horse-drawn merry-go-round. Just north of Burrow's Camp was a saloon, while directly east of Burrows' Camp was a combination store and residence. The dance hall and store/residence were later destroyed by separate fires. The bridge shown in this image is Dunn's Bridge over the Kankakee River. Dunn's Bridge was built circa 1894 and is named after farmer James D. Dunn, a native of Tennessee residing in Gillam Township, Jasper County, as a means of moving his farming equipment from one side of the Kankakee River to the other side. It has long been rumored that the structural frame of Dunn's Bridge was constructed from iron trusses taken from the world's first Ferris wheel that operated at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. This rumor is very likely untrue since the top of the bridge arch flattens out and, more importantly, the 1893 Ferris wheel from the World's Columbian Exposition was removed to St. Louis, Missouri, for use at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition - being dynamited on May 11, 1906, and sold for scrap. Thus, the bridge's construction predated the dismantling of the Ferris wheel by many years. It is probable that the bridge trusses did indeed originate from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, but more likely from one of the domed or barrel-arched structures that were dismantled after the exposition. One persistent theory is that the arches were obtained from the dismantled Administration Building from the World's Columbian Exposition.

selling camping equipment
selling camping equipment
Deluxe 2-Person by SurvivalKitsOnline Perfect Survival Kit for Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Evacuations, Auto, Home and Family
This Kit is sold EXCLUSIVELY by SurvivalKitsOnline. All items are packed securely by Survival Kits Online in a Deluxe Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available for your personal items. The kit includes the following: Food and Water: 24 - Pouches of Datrex Water Made in the USA- twice the amount of water as most suppliers and each Pouch has a 5 year shelf-life 24 - 200 Calorie Datrex Food Bars - 5 year shelf-life Made in the USA 20 - Water Purification Tablets - each tablet purifies 1 liter of water Light and Communication: Am/Fm Radio with Headphones and Batteries Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight - contains lithium batteries which last up to 30 hours and also is able to generate power through squeezing 5-in-1 Survival Whistle - compass, signal mirror, flint starter, waterproof container,lanyard and shrill whistle 2 Green Emergency Glow sticks that last for 12 hours Box of 50 Waterproof Matches Shelter and Warmth: Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag - Made exclusively for SurvivalKitsOnline Recommended over "space blankets" 2 - 16 Hour Body Warmer 1 - 2 Person Tube Tent with Rope Made in the USA 2 - Emergency Poncho with Hood Made Exclusively For Survivalkitsonline Tools: 16 Function Knife Leather Palm Working Gloves 2 - N95 Respirator Dust Mask 50 feet of nylon rope Hygiene and Sanitation: 2 - Hygiene Kit - Includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and 9 antibacterial wet wipes 4 - Pocket Tissue Packs First Aid: Comprehensive First-Aid Kit good for all types of first-aid emergencies.

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