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Used Packaging Equipment Sale

used packaging equipment sale
    packaging equipment
  • Packaging equipment, packaging supplies and machinery. Tripack is a packaging company providing packaging, machinery, supplies and equipment UK-wide.
  • a particular instance of selling; "he has just made his first sale"; "they had to complete the sale before the banks closed"
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used packaging equipment sale - Scotch 8981
Scotch 8981 Filament Tape, 24 mm Width, 55 m Length, Clear (Pack of 1)
Scotch 8981 Filament Tape, 24 mm Width, 55 m Length, Clear (Pack of 1)
For heavy-duty jobs, don't settle for a weak or ineffective tape--this high performance tape promises not to let you down. The polypropylene backed tape is reinforced with continuous glass yarn helping to make it very strong--with up to 380 lbs. per inch tensile strength. It provides an excellent resistance to nicks, abrasion and moisture. Plus, it utilizes a natural rubber adhesive, producing an ideal combination and balance of adhesion and high shear strength. With the Scotchpar™ polyester film backing, it's moisture-, abrasion- and curl-resistant. Global Product Type: Tapes-Packaging; Tape Type: Packaging; Adhesive Material: Synthetic Rubber; Tape Special Feature: Synthetic Rubber Adhesive for a Stronger Hold.

79% (19)
Nikon D70 Kit with Nikkor AF 18-70 Lens & battery (Used in Original packaging) Sigma 18-200mm AF Lens (Used in original Packaging) Opteka BGD70 Professional Battery Grip (Used in original Packaging) Second Nikon EN-EL3e Battery Sunpak 67mm Circular Polarizer Nikon SB-800 Speedlight (Used in original packaging-Non Functioning) Quantaray QDC 900WA Digital Zoom Flash (Used in original packaging-Non Functioning) 2GB Compact Flash card Included but not pictured: Sunpak 67mm UV Filter Nikon MH-18 Quick charger (Part of original D70 Kit) Nikon Branded camera Strap (Part of original D70 Kit) Nikon ML-L3 Wireless IR remote (Used in original packaging) This is everything you need to get started in professional digital photography . I have upgraded my equipment & no longer have use for this unit, but it has served me well & I will miss it dearly. The camera is functional but it is missing the back LCD cover & the eyecup (both parts can be ordered online). The switch that lets you select Manual/Autofocus has fallen off but luckily it is stuck in the Autofocus setting. I have never shot in manual focus, I doubt you'll need to either. But this can be easily repaired at any camera store. The camera has signs of wear, it was my primary camera for years. The 18-70 lens was rarely used, & the 18-200 Sigma lens is fully functional. Included is the Opteka battery grip as well as a second Nikon battery for maximum shooting time. The Quantaray Flash, I beleive has a blown bulb (it powers up but will not flash). The SB-800 will not power up. I had it quoted for repair at a camera shop & was told the DC converter board needed to be replaced -Approx $200. You may be able to fix it yourself for less. Sold on eBay!

used packaging equipment sale
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