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Rental Equipment Phoenix Az

rental equipment phoenix az
    phoenix az
  • Phoenix ( , O'odham Skikik, Yavapai Wasinka, Western Apache Fiinigis, Navajo Hoozdoh, Mojave Hachpa 'Anya Nyava ) is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Arizona, as well as the fifth most populated city in the United States.
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On The Street, Phoenix AZ DSC 5989
On The Street, Phoenix AZ DSC 5989
Phoenix AZ can be an awkward place to walk the streets with camera out and ready to shoot. You sense that people look at you with attitudes that range from bewilderment to skepticism. In between those reactions there are individuals that walk up to you and say, “Yo Homes take my picture!” Well my response to that this time was, “Show me what you got”. In between the three rapid fire shutter release clicks my camera allows at one time I took some time to find out more about this guy’s past. Some things he would readily go in to and then other things made him squint and look away. I asked him direct questions about incarceration to which he did admit he had been. As to what put him there he just made hand gestures.
Phoenix, AZ Biltmore Hotel ~ Chess
Phoenix, AZ Biltmore Hotel ~ Chess
Not on the National Register. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur in 1929 with a fee commission to Frank Lloyd Wright.

rental equipment phoenix az
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