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Indoor Sports Equipment

indoor sports equipment
    sports equipment
  • Sports equipment is a general term for any object used for sport or exercise.
  • equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
  • Words Covered: bat, ball, helmet, baseball cap, glove, skies, skateboard, baseball, racket, shin guard, net, knee pads
  • indoor(a): located, suited for, or taking place within a building; "indoor activities for a rainy day"; "an indoor pool"
  • Situated, conducted, or used within a building or under cover
  • within doors; "an indoor setting"
  • Of or relating to sports played indoors
  • (indoors) inside: within a building; "in winter we play inside"
indoor sports equipment - Digital Sports
Digital Sports Photography : Take Winning Shots Every Time
Digital Sports Photography : Take Winning Shots Every Time
You can freeze that one moment in time
Sports photography gets you up close and personal with the action you crave, the athletes you idolize, or the activities that make memories for your children. It also provides plenty of frustration for amateurs and professionals alike. How do you shoot on a rainy day? What about the crowd at the finish line? Can you capture the tension as the ball trembles on the rim? You can, with the professional advice these experts provide. No matter what your sport or level of expertise, this book can make you a better digital sports photographer.
Benefit from the advice of more than 20 top sports photographers, including Terrell Lloyd, official photographer for the San Francisco 49ers
Learn to handle bad lighting, weather, fast-moving athletes, flash limitations, and other challenges
Identify key things to consider when switching from film to digital
Get specific advice on how to shoot a wide range of sports: extreme, outdoor, indoor, competitive, recreational, and more
Discover ways to sell your photos and manage legal issues
See dozens of full-color examples illustrating professional tips and techniques
Take great photos with any kind of digital camera, from a point-and-shoot to an SLR
Find out how to get photos onto the Web easily and quickly

75% (15)
Gawang Futsal Portabel
Gawang Futsal Portabel
Spesifikasi dari Gawang Futsal Portabel adalah sebagai berikut : - Sistem knock down ( terbagi menjadi 5 bagian ). - Ukuran bagian dalam gawang : Tinggi = 200 cm dan Panjang = 300 cm. - Ukuran lebar gawang untuk lapangan : * Indoor : Atas 40 cm dan Bawah 60 cm. * Outdoor : Atas 80 cm dan Bawah 100 cm. - Bagian depan gawang menggunakan pipa besi diameter 3,5 inchi. - Bagian belakang gawang menggunakan pipa besi diameter 2,5 inchi. - Landasan menggunakan besi holo ukuran 45 mm x 75 mm. - Terdapat 47 lubang untuk kaitan jaring di seluruh bagian pipa dan besi holo. - Jaring gawang futsal sesuai standar PSSI / FIFA Futsal. - Gawang Futsal Portabel sesuai standar PSSI / FIFA Futsal.
Spare Room
Spare Room
This is what used to be my brother's room in our parents' house. All three of us kids are moved out so the room has turned into an assortment of items: my brother's sporting equipment and stop sign, my sister's blanket and backpack, and my old day bed. I like the assortment of items that don't quite go together, but somehow they do. And I like the idea of the Stop sign in with the sporting equipment.

indoor sports equipment
indoor sports equipment
Genji Sports Portable Indoor Badminton Posts and Net
New improved model, easier and more stable than last model. Unique portable Indoor IBF Standard badminton post and net set. Patented design, stand along by itself. No need to drill holes on the floor or tight to the wall. Light weight 13 lb, easy to assembly and dis-assembly within 3 minute. Comes with a post components organizer and a carrying bag. Best product in the market at the best price. Suitable for all sizes of gym, company warehouse, church and high ceiling office. This package comes with a set of post, a full size (20 feet) standard badminton net and a heavy duty bag. Specifications: *Post height 155cm, width max. 6.10m (20 feet) for full size double players court *Special patented design, keep the net straight and tight *Light weight only 13 lb, easy to carry and setup *Easy to assembly, get ready for the double players game within 3 minute *Comes with a components organizer and carrying bag *Comes with a IBF standard full size 20 feet double court net Please Note: The tension bars are held together tightly during the first few usages due to its paint coating. To more easily disassemble the tension bars, lubricate the joints by spraying some WD-40 at the end of the bars during set-up. After the first few times of use the joints should naturally loosen up.

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