Children outdoor play equipment : Hand screen printing equipment.

Children Outdoor Play Equipment

children outdoor play equipment
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children outdoor play equipment - Italtrike Heavy-Duty
Italtrike Heavy-Duty Two-Wheeled Scooter - Red
Italtrike Heavy-Duty Two-Wheeled Scooter - Red
Out of superior Italian craftsmanship and durability, evolved the Italtrike Red Line Scooter. With ample space for a child to stand after he pushes off the ground, this scooter will provide your child with years of riding adventures. Made for fun in the sun and crafted from top-quality painted steel and molded construction, this scooter is child-safe and perfect for backyard or the playground. Just remember to wear a helmet. Product FeaturesAges: 3 to 6 years oldCapacity: One childFrame Material: Heavy-duty steel frameFrame Finish: Rust-resistant powder-coat finishWheels: Injection-molded wheels with solid rubber tiresSafety Features: Frame design prevents pinch points Spokeless wheels Nonslip pedals and footpadAssembly: Some assembly requiredWarranty: 5-year warrantyOther Info: Meets all ASTM, CPSC and CE standardsHandlebar Height: 24"Weight: 15.0 lbs.

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Carla in the grass
Carla in the grass
Here is another shot of Carla out in the field. I really like how the colors of her hat and sweater kind of go along with the trees and grass. It's amazing how different the colors look in this shot compared to the shot I posted right before this one. It's all about the position of the shot compared to the sunlight. She had a lot of fun sitting out there pulling at the grass. The wind was in her face and she made cute little noises when it blew on her. Equipment: Canon 40D, EF 70-200mm f4L Lighting: Sun high and behind me to the right. 580EX II on camera through Lightsphere II for fill.
I wanted to get some outdoor shots of Carla today, so I took her to a nearby field. I had to be quick with her, since I was on my own, so I didn't bother with light stands and umbrellas, plus it was pretty windy out. I just went with on camera flash and a Lightsphere II to diffuse the light. This is one of my favorite shots of the day. Equipment: Canon 40D, EF 70-200mm f4L Lighting: Sun high in the sky behind Carla to the left. 580EX II on camera through Lightsphere II. ETTL + 1ev

children outdoor play equipment
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