Events: The London Charterhouse Catenians - Fellowship of Catholic Men

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The Catenian Association  London Charterhouse Circle Province 14 Circle 49

We meet on:

1st Tuesdays of every month at 19:00 for a meeting followed by dinner at 20:15

at: Kingsley Hotel by Thistle, 36-37 Bloomsbury Way, City of London WC1A 2SD

Charterhouse also organises regular events such as concerts and we have an annual trip to Italy. There are also quarterly Ladies' Evenings to which wives are invited and an annual Clergy Night to which - well the Clergy is invited.
Charterhouse has made an expedition to Italy every year for more than a decade.

On a provincial level there are out-visits to other circles in Province 14 and also other provinces in The Catenian Association. Province 14 holds golf events, a quiz and a President's weekend.

London Charterhouse Catenians Events