Information for Teachers

If you are interested in booking a program or if you have questions please contact Leslie Campbell at 803-328-2427 ext232 or at

Program Pricing Guide

all prices are subject to change and negotiation

Standard Program Cost

A standard program consists of drumming, dancing, pottery demonstration, storytelling, language and history

A Group with a Minimum of 35

  • $6 per person

A Group with Less than 35 people
  • $9 per person

Off-site Program

45 min drumming dancing and history program

Please Contact Us

Off-site Speaker

Please Contact Us

Dinner With The Catawbas
Features dinner and a standard program

Indian Tacos
  • $35 per participant

Chicken Dinner
  • $45 per participant

Craft Classes

Dream Catcher Class

  • Amount per participant - $12.68

Choker Class - Beginners

  • Amount per participant - $10.88

Choker Class – Advance

  • Amount per participant - $19.58

Beadloom class

  • Amount per participant- $28.85

Bead Work – advanced (round stitch)class of 12 people

  • Amount per participant- $43.34

Bead work – advanced (Beaded Earrings) class of 10

  • Amount per participant- $20.55 (makes one pair of Earrings)
  • Amount per participant-$40.44 (makes 10 pairs)

Leather bags

  • Amount per participant-$9.58 

Warrior 3 feather headdress

  • Amount per participant- $11.68 

Coup Feather (Talking Feather)

  • Amount per participant-$8.08 

Dance Whistle (Flute)

  • Amount per participant- $11.48