Traditional Foods and Our Children

We are honored to work with The Center for Disease Control in efforts to combat diabetes in our youth and in our tribal families. Through a grant we have been able to send fresh vegetables home with our Camp Kic-A-Wah children. We are also excited to help the tribal Seniors establish a garden at The Catawba Indian Nation Senior Lodge.

The importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits have been taken by providing cooking classes and nutrition classes for the youth in our program which reaches Kindergarten through High School. We feel that if we reach our tribal children we can have an effect on their choices.

Other things we are doing is teaching the youth to plant and tend to two gardens that we have on site at the Cultural Center. We also are trying to teach them about traditional ways to grow vegetables and tend to them. We allow the youth to pick the harvest. They get so excited when the vegetables are ready for them to harvest. They love taking their vegetables home to share with their family. We are so glad to have the partnership with the CDC in making a difference in our children's health.

We have been teaching traditional sports in order for them to increase their activity levels and to learn a traditional game or sport. The traditional stick ball game is taught and played during our Summer Camp, in the near future we will be implementing an organized team. The game and competition of traditional archery is also taught during our summer camp program as well as Native American Drum and Dance techniques. We were fortunate to have one of our tutors hold a Soccer Camp during summer last year, the kids loved it. Active children are happy children and they love these activities.

The health of our children has become a important part of our After School and Summer Camp programs. Healthy eating needs to be a choice that the children learn at an early age is the outlook we have in our program.

Here they are learning the Three Sister planting of Corn, Pole Beans and Squash

Traditional Pumpkins from our garden in which the children planted! They last for about 3 years.

Ronnie Beck helps with the traditional plants and activities.

For their Christmas gift we provided them with fruit bags

Cooking Class during Summer Camp
The Garden Beds at The Senior Lodge

The Heritage Garden

Soccer Camp
Mr. Donnie teaching how to harvest

There they go to get their Squash

The Traditional Game of Stick Ball
            The kids having more fun playing Stick Ball.
Some of the many Squash they grew
The Children's Garden area

We are so proud of our gardens and the fact they supply fresh vegetables for our families.