The Catawba County Libertarian Party was formed with the intent of bringing together like-minded individuals for the purpose of spreading the ideals of liberty.  In so doing, the CCLP hopes to give a stronger voice to Libertarians in our county, and to be better able to influence politics on the local and state levels.  We hope to accomplish this goal by nominating and supporting candidates for elected offices and to be involved in all areas of the political process. 

 In addition, the CCLP hopes to educate others about the ideals of the Libertarian Party.  Unfortunately, many people know little about the Libertarian Party, have never heard of it, or have simply joined one of the two major political parties out of a lack of knowledge about their choices of political party affiliations.  Through its activities, the CCLP will introduce voters to the Libertarian Party and provide them with information about what the Libertarian Party stands for so that they can have option that better suits their political beliefs.

 The CCLP believes that many voters are tired of government overspending, government intrusions into our personal lives, and the deadlock that exists due to the inability of the two major parties to work together. The Libertarian Party agenda addresses these issues by striving to protect personal freedoms and reduce the size of government.  Please contact us if you would like further information on the Libertarian ideals and the Catawba County Libertarian Party.