I am an associate professor and Rosalind Franklin fellow at the Department of Theoretical Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen. I am also an external member of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy and an editor for the Review of Symbolic Logic.

Here is my CV.

My main fields of research are history and philosophy of logic. I also have general interests in medieval philosophy, philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, philosophy of mathematics, general philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and empirically-informed approaches to philosophy in general.

I am now (2011-2016) leading the research project The Roots of Deduction.

I also blog at New APPS and M-Phi.

Check here for my old Amsterdam website. (I leave it online mostly because it has such a nice design!)


                Happily sipping a mojito in Fuerteventura

                  Picture by Seb Sequoiah-Grayson