Catamaran is a 4-piece Indie Rock band formed  in late 2007 from the ashes of local rock/punk band The Manix. Consisting of Nate Amos on guitar/ vocals/bass, Norman Marston on guitar/vocals/bass, Ryan Murphy on guitar/vocals/bass and Nate LaRow on drums/percussion, Catamaran plays music influenced mostly by Indie-Rock bands, both new and old. With an album out and another in production, Catamaran is climbing the ranks fast and has a strong lineup of shows  for the summer and winter season of 2008.

    Catamaran has played in various venues, from high-school dances to 242 Main (an esteemed under 21 rock venue located in Burlington, Vermont) and Higher Ground. Members of Catamaran have also played notable venues such as Higher Ground, Nectar’s Restaurant, St. Johnsbury First Night 2008 and more. All members of Catamaran have roadworthy experience playing both live and in the studio. Catamaran is also booked to perform at St. Johnsbury First Night 2009, and the band is also working with the St. Johnsbury Academy A/V club to produce a music video.  

 Nate Amos - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Norman Marston - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

 Ryan Murphy - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

 Nate "Bovice Brown" LaRow - Drums/Percussion


    Catamaran is currently booking as many shows as possible for the winter season of 2008. Also, Catamaran is considering a joint tour down the east-coast and New England with a band from northern Vermont. Currently, with a 10 song album  released in October of 2007, Catamaran is in the process of recording a new album. Marketing of that album is also being discussed between the band.

Venues Played (* indicates booked venue):

  1. Higher Ground
  2. 242 Main
  3. St. Johnsbury First Night 2009* 
  4. Lyndon State College
  5. St. Johnsbury VFW
  6. Danville on the Green*
  7. St. Johnsbury Academy Fuller Hall (3x)
  8. St. Johnsbury Academy Spring Day
  9. St. Johnsbury Academy Black Box
  10. St. Johnsbury Academy Cafeteria
To listen to some Catamaran songs, please visit our Myspace page at: 

From there, follow the link on the page in order to download the entire Catamaran 1 album, if you so choose.

  Thank you for your interest in Catamaran, and we hope to hear from your booking department soon!