Why do so many of our strategic planning efforts fall flat - creating impressive documents that do little but collect dust?

Anyone who's served on a nonprofit Board of Directors or been a senior staff member has probably asked this question at one time or another.

 Just what is it that impedes the effective implementation of strategy in social sector organizations?

While most organizations fully intend to implement their strategic plans, many are still unable to do so despite their best efforts.

Nonprofits face many significant challenges, not the least of which is rising demand for services amid an increasingly constrained supply of resources. Just as needs are escalating, raising money and other resources has never been more difficult. 

It's not surprising that organizations can't seem to move beyond the day to day struggle of balancing service with survival to act strategically and do what is required to take their organizations to the next level.

Even when they have a well defined strategy, nine out of ten organizations fail to implement it effectively.

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