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VERY rare Gilbert Rohde for Herman Miller Paldao Group, 1941 - No 4160 Compact
VERY rare Gilbert Rohde for Herman Miller Paldao Group, 1941 - No 4160 Compact
"The No. 4160 Compact illustrated on this and the next page is a four-purpose furniture unit: Bookcase, Desk, China Cabinet, and Dining Unit. The photograph at the left shows the closed view in which it appears to be a simple breakfront. The center cabinet in the lower portion of the unit houses a drop leaf dining table large enough to seat six people. Above this is a desk. In the cabinet is a pigeon-hole unit for stationery and shelves for books and china. The small drawers in the side of the lower portion are for silverware. The lower portion of the cabinet is made of Paldao available in four finishes: Mink, Sable, Beaver and Persian Grey, as described on page 1. The upper portion is covered in a leather-like fabric decorated with gold stripes. Several leather colors are available to match the different finishes. The large pulls on the lower portion, especially designed for this piece, are in antique brass. This piece is also available without the drop leaf table" - from the 1941 Herman Miller catalog supplement This piece is very rare, in more than twelve years of collecting Rohde, I have not seen one come up at auction or through a dealer, or published in any home or collection!
Bartlett TX 341 W Pietzsch entry
Bartlett TX 341 W Pietzsch entry
1895 Queen Anne cottage entry. You can see a "store-bought" mantel inside likely ordered from a "Big City" millwork catalog either through the local lumberyard or by mail. All one had to do is order from the catalog, pay for the item and shipping and wait a period from days to a few weeks for the item to be shipped in by rail. By this process, all the "fancy" decorative items from Gingerbread brackets to leaded or stained glass (as seen here) as well as mantels, doors, hardware and windows for the new homeowner could be assured to have the same quality as their "Big City" peers. Thus, remote farming towns like Bartlett could still have tastefully decorated homes-this is one of the more ornate homes remaining in town. (currently for sale at $93k -reduced to $83k Oct. 2011) Visit the Old House Dreams site for more details.

catalogs for home decorating
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