Project Identification

Erin Matson
Pratt Institute: LIS 698-01 Practicum, Fall 2010
Dr. Tula Giannini, Dean
Site Location and Supervisor:
Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY,11238
Beth Kushner
Project Title:
Vertical Files in Museum Libraries: Increased Access Through Flexibility and Collaboration
Project Abstract:
The value of vertical files in museum libraries has long been debated, but recently there has been a push toward increasing their visibility and shedding light on their value. With this value, comes increased need for access to these collections. The museum, library and archive community are starting to reach conclusions about what methods of cataloging and, more generally, increasing awareness to these collections is most effective. Because of limited resources and the time consuming nature of the collections, however, no set standard has been reached. Drawing from my own experience cataloging vertical files at the Brooklyn Museum, as well as interviewing cataloger Danny Fermon from the Arcade libraries consortium partner, MOMA, I aim to further explore access options for vertical files in museum libraries, through increased collaboration.