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Hola! My name is Senora Catalina de Gata (SCA name of course) and I have played in the SCA for around 9 years. Outside of game I am known as Natasha or Tash or Tex...depends on who I am around. Tex has caught on so much I have oft been referred to as Lady Tex or Senora Tex AT events. If you haven't guessed I originally hail from Texas, but now live in Australia in the Kingdom of Lochac, Barony of Aneala. I thought I would have a website to show some of my interests (mainly garb). So here we go.

This is one of my first bits of garb. I was a rennie before I got into the SCA. I made the outfit in a Theatre Costume class as we had to make a 'Vest' for the Class project. So I made a front lacing bodice with matching skirt. A girl in the class noticed I seemed to like Rennwear and asked if I had heard of the SCA (At that point was a rennie, I regularly attended Texas Rennaisance Faire and Scarsborough Faire in Texas) So I went to a couple of events in Ansteora, a rapier list that had a hawker, and a land grab in the Barony of Brywn Glad..and the Ansteoran Crown Event. Two rather memorable events, then I moved to Australia to marry my Aussie husband. I looked around in Perth for a Rennfair and was quite dismayed, then remembered those SCA events and lo and behold there was a group here. I went to a training and to my surprise it was actually an event and some kind gentles did tabard me up (I do believe Mistress Rhianwen was one of them, but those were fuzzy times) Let's say...I have not looked back. (1997?)

There were a couple here in between I can't find Pictures of currently...will add as I do.

Italian dress was my first drafted dress not based on any Big three pattern. I love the dress and still wear it to this day (ok so it doesn't lace up to meet anymore.) I oft wear it to newcomers feast as an example of Garb on a Budget. That an appropriate use  of small amount of fancy accenting fabric (Cotton velveteen)  with plain fabric (drill) can really dress up a dress. The lower green sleeves are removable. Colour for dress was chosen as I had a necklace I picked up at a rennfair with an emerald drop and nothing to wear it with! (Made in 2004?)

My first u
ber project-The Queen Isabella of Portugal, queen of spain dress (Wife of Carlos the V, not Fernando's) I was fair keen on going spanish and this was my first 'attempt' at spanish garb. I t hink it came out ok. The embroidery is hand couched gold cord and pearl beading. The forepart has pearls throughout. The girdle was made from pearls and gold beads (plastic of course, budget!) Pearls and broach at neckline. Worn over a round farthingale ( I became a quick convert to the Alceqa Farthingale and the latter pictures are worn with those) (2002?)

I think this was my first Ball gown for Bal d'Aneala. It is based off a spanish portrait (Will scan in pic soon)  I need to add back lacing as I hooked and Eyed the back (I was silly) Only wore it the once! Sigh.(2001?)

This is most commonly referred by those in the barony as my 'Spanish Cheerleader" Dress. It was made for a Ball.

(will try to get a clearer pic and frontal view!) Oh I wish someone had told me my tranzado lacing had come unraveled! (2003)

This was made originally as a rapier doublet with a gold tucked skirt and matching belt. It has a matching partlet to make it legal for rapier. I mostly wear it as court garb. Spanish early 1520s.(2003?)

Original photo from Cynthia's Virtue's site. Dummy doesn't really do it justice, doesn't look quite so long waisted on me. This was a completely handsewn project with Wool for the black trim, a damask  for the fabric (alas Poly/cotton...budget restraints and not finding one I liked better for the project)
I didn't like the look on me and have since taken bodice off skirt and plan to make a spanish bodice for the skirt.(2004?)

Some friends are into early period (1400) and ran a themed event, I made this dress based on this and a few other pictures of spanish houpelandes of the 1300 and 1400s. It is a full circle Houpelande and is uber heavy! Though I do love the way it spins, but makes my ample girls look ampler...(2006)

My latest creation, 1490's based on the Spanish Banquet of Herod painting. My dress looks less full cause I had to long it up to 'match' the original'. Had fun making this reproduction picture with the Seneschal of the College of St. Basil's head on a platter. (2008)

Second picture is the underdress on its own.

Third the accessories. Beaded belt and rondell.



Made from an extant pattern 12th century?

The Dress I made for my Pelican Ceremony and my Laurel's invest to Baroness (2009)

+=  Basis for a Ball gown. It was a Masked ball encouraging people to get creative. I came as the Anealan Device.

2010 Gothic Fitted Gown 


Completely handsewn dress done in Linen and sewn with linen thread, the seams done in a period manner. (2011)

Middle eastern made for Arabian Nights event, won the Arts and Sciences Competiion. Completely Handsewn outfit using patterns from extant garments. (2011)

Rapier Outfits

Men's Garb I have made

This is a series of garb made for my husband. From the Green 'Houp' of his first event, then he showed a fancy for Tudor and Elizabethan. He loves Ruffs! The dark green houp in the last picture matches my red houpelande above.

Tablet Weaving
The first pic is a closeup of me Tabletweaving on an Oseberg style loom, the following examples of my work. A member of our group, Mistress Catherine, taught several of us tablet weaving after we presented ourselves for teaching with homemade looms in hand. I so far have made 3-4 flat looms and an upright loom.


1The first pic is of a game board of Fox and geese/Alquerque. I made the bag and the board.
The second pic is of a beaded german panel I had planned to wear with the habsberg dress.
The third, a golden rose petal done in needlelace. In the Barony of Aneala we have a Golden Rose Bardic Competition once yearly. The winner of the competition is to give a golden rose petal to the former bard sometime during their reign. I chose to do mine in needlelace.
The Fourth is a split stitch embroidered Device for the WCOB Banner
The Fifth is a tent stitch pouched based off a knitted pouch in the Cathedral de Toledo
The Sixth is a Period made shield in the device of Clan Brechin

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