Dansitu is a dance performance consisting of four pieces of about 15 minutes each. These pieces are for only 15 to 20 spectators at a time at each piece. There will be 4 shows, where all pieces are performed simultaneously at different spaces. So at each show up to 80 people can enjoy a performance.


This project fits into almost any location: could be street, schools (when there are no lessons), art galleries, cultural centres, churches or even theatres (but rather than on stage it would be inside a camerino, at the reception, the bar, the stairs, etc.).

Anyone hiring DANSITU may propose his available or desired location.


The performances will be created attending to the particular characteristics of the location and in some cases also based on the proposal itself. The pieces will be commnicated using dance as language and all pieces will share a common theme.

This project has been succesfully done on other occasions - see below.

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Cartas a Próspero