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IPATypistMini is an experimental application, which is based on IPATypist.  The difference is IPATypistMini is designed to work semi-directly on word processing applications.  Currently, only MSWord and Apple's Pages are supported.

IPATypistMini is included in IPATypist.  To download IPATypistMini, please go to IPATypist page.

On this page, only the main functions are described.  The Pronunciation database and Key Mapping features are the same as these in IPATypist, so please refer to the IPATypist page.

System Requirement: Any Intel Mac with Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (or later) (not Core Duo machines) + Doulos SIL font (if you want to use serif font)

IPATypistMini floats on top of other application documents.

How to use


  1. Open a document in Microsoft Word or Pages.

  2. Start IPATypistMini.

  3. Select an application on IPATypistMini

  4. Select a font.

  5. Make sure IPATypistMini is active (check the menu bar). 

  6. Click buttons on IPATypistMini to type IPA phonetic symbols.  Characters appear on the document of MS Word or Pages.

Using Shift key

  1. Check Use Shift checkbox.

  2. Make sure IPATypistMini is active.

  3. If you type on your keyboard, you can type lower case letters.  If you press Shift key and type, you can type phonetic alphabets.  The key assignment is on IPATypistMini.  If you want to type capital letters, use Caps Lock (not Shift).  Not all the keys work as usual.  Only Space, Return, Backspace, left/right arrow key work. 

  4. If you want to check which keys are assigned to which, click the eye button (Quick Look button) or press F1 key.

    The original key letters appear.  Click the eye button (or press F1) again to go back to IPA phonetics

Using Display

  1. Check Display checkbox.

  2. A text box and two buttons appear.

  3. When you type or click a button, the text appear in the text box.

    Click + button (or Command + Shift + C key) to copy/paste the typed text on to a MSWord/Pages document.  Click the left button (redo button?) to clear the text box.

Looking up a word in the Pronunciation Database

Like IPATypist, you can look up a word in the Pronunciation Database.

  1. Select a word on the application document.

  2. Click a Look up button.

  3. If the word is in the database, the entries appear on Variation button(s)

  4. Click a button with the right characters to replace the word.