About CasualConc Beta

This is a beta version of next release of CasualConc.  It's still under development, but I don't think I have much time to spend on the development for the moment, so I decided to release it to public.  I'm hoping someone tries it and gives me feedback.

New features are not documented yet on this site, but I posted some info about the new features on the blog.  Please follow the link on the left to the blog.

The documentation of the new and enhanced features are available at CasualConc - Beta features.

Here's the list of changes from version 1.0.

Bug fix

- You can now open text in the Context view of Concord on CasualConc or with other application.  If you are in the Database mode, you can edit the database entry.

Enhancement/New features
since version 1.0

- POS tag search/count (experimental)
- Stop word/skip character feature (same one in CasualPConc/CasualMultiPConc; check this page for how to use)
- 'Treated as Word' strings are manageable on a list
- Lemmas and Group Keywords are manageable on CasualConc (not reading a file)
- Context word search in Concord accepts phrases (set in Preferences)
- You can search word/phrase in the context view of Concord via right-click
- Span of results can be set in Collocation/Cooccurrence
- keyword (search words in the key position) can be omitted from Collocation counts
- Collocation statistics follows the span settings
- You can copy results of Collocation statistics to paste them on word processor/text editor
- File/word list import to the right table (in Cluster/Word Count)
- Files on the tile table (simple file mode) can be open in CasualConc (.txt only) and be shown in Finder
- Files of a selected concordance line can be shown in Finder in Concord

Also I don't think many people are interested, the user interface is in Japanese in Japanese environment.  This means if someone is interested in translation, other language versions can be prepared.

Additional features in version 1.3

Concord (only in European Language modes)
- The number of characters in the context can be set separately for the left and the right contexts.
- Filter the result by words/phrases NOT in the context (enable this in the Preferences)
- Wider context words (context, not in context, and sorting, enable this in the Preferences); you can select 5 (faster search) or 10

- When copying kwic results, text style (bold for the keyword and underline for context words) will be preserved (enable this in the Preferences)

Word Count
- You can now specify what to count in regular expression

- Tagging assistant features in the File content view

Additional features in version 1.4

Concord (only in European Language modes)
- You can insert tab character (\t) before and after the keyword when you copy or export kwic results (enable this in the Preferences).

Corpus File Information
- You can create word frequency matrix (words x files).  A list of words can be imported from Word Count or fro a file (.txt or .csv, in comma separated or tab-delimited format).


- You can now resort the order of the coocurrence list using collocation statistics information.

Additional features in version 1.5

Corpus File Information
- TF-IDF profile creation

- Performance improvement.  The table should scroll less sluggish now.

Additional features in version 1.6

- fixed collocation stats calculation errors

- made changes to wildcard search process

Additional features in version 1.7


- fixed Japanese (2-byte character languages) search modes

Additional features in version 1.8

- Spelling variation feature
- Assigning different corpus/database to tables in Cluster/Word Count

- 4th sort position
- added positions within a file as a sort option (only enabled with File as Scope of Context)
- the sort order presets are now editable
- fixed an error when opening a saved result file
- fixed wrong colored keyword in the context view when searched in the database mode with File as Scope of Context.

- up to 8 word cluster search

Word Count
- gapped n-gram search (3-5 gram)
- more multi-grams (up to 10-grams) (Preferences -> Others -> Word Count -> Advanced Mode)

Concordance Plot
- export as JPEG or print plots (= save as PDF)
- export as a single PDF file or one PDF file for each plot
- able to reflect the changes made in the Concord results (by deleting lines)

I would appreciate any feedback on functionality/accuracy/bugs/etc.  I will try to implement useful functions and improve usability as well as to fix bugs as much as my time and, more importantly, scripting skills allow.  Please send any feedback to casualconc (at) gmail.com.