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Rowe Furniture Cleaning

rowe furniture cleaning
    rowe furniture
  • Rowe Furniture is a furniture designer and manufacturer, founded in 1946 as Rowe-Jordan Furniture Company.
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Florence Knoll Table Desk SOLD
Florence Knoll Table Desk SOLD
FEATURED; a beautiful, breathtaking (1961) design by one of the truly remarkable women of the 20th century, Florence (Schust) Knoll. This table represents the knowlage, guidance and asthetic Florence inherited from her incredible education in architechture and design from Cranbrook and the Illinois Institute of Technology under the influence of and HANDS ON guidance and instruction from very early visionary modernist guideposts (Mies van der Rowe, ELIEL Saarinen, Marcel Breuer, and Walter Gropius) who guided her INHERENT GIFT, EYE, and RESPECT for LINE, THAT CAN NOT BE DUPLICATED. Her marrage and partnership with Hans Knoll(after his early death in a 1955 car accident), became a multi-billion dollar global company, Knoll International, based on DESIGN INTEGRITY and respect for dollar renumeration for their designers. HER DIRECTION, and ASTHETIC and HANS KNOLL'S vision and respect for design has steered this company for decades. THIS EARLY EXAMPLE (72") with "quatro star" marquetry in wonderful EARLY walnut veneer, stained to look like rosewood??Rosewood??...not sure. BEAUTIFUL, not perfect, no stains, has some scratches (soul) very usable, easily restorable. STUNNING DESIGN as is $2395.00 FAR LEFT very nice,: FLORENCE KNOLL executive office arm chair (oatmeal / grey wool ) swivel, tilt, beautiful wood base (matches FLORENCE KNOLL 72" TABLE DESK) $395.00 ...THIS AMAZING PIECE OF DESIGN FUNCTIONS PERFECTLY AS A BEAUTIFUL TABLE OR STUNNING DESK . RESPECT
Living Room
Living Room
I hate the look of a black hole in the middle of the fireplace in the summer time. So I filled it with the wood to make a statement. I think it worked. Again, more Rowe furniture and the Crate & Barrel ottoman that started the whole color scheme. We like using the mantel to showcase different pieces of our smaller art collections and pottery pieces. The large ficus tree was a freebie from a lady that was looking for a 'caretaker' at a neighborhood nursery. It was too big for her home and she wanted a plant lover to have it to enjoy. Uhm, that'd be us!

rowe furniture cleaning