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Furniture Stores Ny Nj

furniture stores ny nj
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Van Dyk Furniture Ghost Sign Paterson, NJ with a little bit of History...
Van Dyk Furniture Ghost Sign Paterson, NJ with a little bit of History...
Van Dyk's Furniture Store was the scene of two major fires in Downtown Paterson. The first one was in 1880 and the second one in 1910. The 1910 fire in Paterson destroyed an entire block and put the Paterson Opera House (which was ten years old at the time) in danger. The Vandyk Company had the largest retail furniture and carpet house in Northern New Jersey. The Vandyk company store was a modern building but contained such inflammable material that the heat of the flames crumbled the walls. Daly's moving picture house and Donohue's cafe and bowling alleys next to VanDyk's were destroyed. Lockwood's Furniture Store (see my other ghost sign for them) was filled with carpets and furniture AS WELL AS a large paint shop. This was also destroyed as flames hit a height of 70 feet! The streets were filled with merchants carrying valuable papers from their stores, men and women carrying household belongings from their homes and stablemen with horses and wagons recovered from their stables in the center of the block. *excerpts courtesy of NY Times article published June 28, 1910. This sign is all that remains from those days....
Different Adirondacks in NJ
Different Adirondacks in NJ
I took this photo because of the bar stool height adirondack chairs at this furniture store display near Ocean City, NJ and I uploaded it now between my photos of the Adirondack region of NY and the beginning of more trip photos to Boston, NJ & ultimately FL because I'm rather logical in my uploading :>)

furniture stores ny nj