I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology funded through a T32 Training Grant in Cognitive Aging. I received a Dual-Title PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Gerontology from the University of Kansas. I have an interdisciplinary foundation spanning Psychology, Linguistics, Speech-Language-Hearing, Biology, Philosophy, and Sociology. I previously conducted research with Dr. Michael Vitevitch, Dr. Jonathan Brumberg, and Dr. Lori James.

My research focuses on examining the underlying structure of word representations in the mental lexicon using the tools of Network Science. In particular, I'm interested in understanding how this language network changes across the lifespan, especially in older adulthood. I also examine the network structure and its influence on language processing in adults with language impairing diseases (e.g., dementia and aphasia), with an aim to develop better diagnosis and treatment measures that take into account the structure of the mental lexicon.