Download center

Please find here some valuable documents to read when you're ready.

Reading those documents before your first ASCA meeting is not mandatory, but we recommend that you at least familiarize yourself with the "Welcome" and "Supportive Feedback" documents.

1 - Welcome document

2 - Supportive Feedback

3 - Guidelines for interaction with others outside the meeting

4 - ASCA manual: "Survivor to Thriver"

This is the 21-step recovery guide that is covered in the meeting. It is not required but comes highly recommended. There is a free PDF version available at the Morris Center website, as well as a high-quality print version that can be ordered for $19.99.

5 - An article to give friends you decide to approach and talk about your abuse

This article has been written by ASCA group members; it is provided solely as one but many resources available to you.

6 - Books recommendations.

This list has been compiled by ASCA group members, and is not endorsed by the Morris Foundation.

7 - Crisis Resources

In case you need immediate help and assistance in the middle of a crisis.

8 - Web Resources

Various web sites of organizations related to child abuse