In 1070 the people rebelled against The Concur.
 But the Normans were to strong and laid waste all the land from
the Humber to the Tyne
The English lords said" Attila did not more deserve the name of
"Scourge of God."
 Than this merciless tyrant William of Normandy
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
  William of Normandy
 William the conquerers body exploded on route to be buried! due to it being a very hot few day! According to Norman and Saxon sources
"the stench was overpowering! "I bet "

Hi my name is Phil Robinson
I am an Amateur Photographer, Local Historian , Lover of Art and Architecture, I have found the internet a great release to my creativity. I hope that others enjoy, my Facts, Stories, History and Trivia.And a look at all the places i have visited over the last few years.I have lots of different sites on the net. Have a look you are welcome...........
This one  focuses on
The many Castles and keeps around the UK
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The Medieval period has always fascinated me.  
When I see the old ruins of these castles it fills my imagination.
 (What must it have been like living in that time?)
Everyone loves stories about Robin Hood and Ivanhoe. Every little boy has picked up a bit of wood and pretended it was a sword or spear. 
 So many authors have fantasized about this period. A time of Kings and Castles, fearless knights and Beautiful Maidens. Lord of the Rings, Narnia and many  Post Apocalyptic fantasy like Star Wars, Mad Max and  Waterworld.  Revert back to living like we imagine living in different versions of a Medieval world.
It was a dangerous time of many wars battles and feuds. A time of honour and sacrifice.
Today we hear of one or two of our Brave Soldiers dying on the battlefield. But one day of battle in the mass battles of the medieval period would result in thousands of deaths.
"The Medieval period has always  fascinated me"
But on his breast a bloody Cross he bore
The dear remembrance of his dying Lord,
For whose sweet sake that glorious badge we wore
And dead (as living) ever he adored...

After the Castles were besieged people of the area at the time had no Historical interest in the ruins. 
In fact, saw them as an easy cheap building material. Many of the castles brickwork went into building local villages.
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
Sandal Castle nr Wakefield
Stood on the hill  looking like a small Stonehenge
Played a leading role in the war of the roses
Peveril Castle Keep.Castleton Derbyshire
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
My sites are not intended for the" Hardened Historian" They mealy touch on some subjects the ordinary man in the street may find interesting.
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
Victoria Tower.Castle Hill Huddersfield 

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 Photo Phil Robinson 2009
Skipton Castle North Yorkshire
Still a family home
Flint Castle in North  Wales
 Photo Phil Robinson 2009
 Like many castles demolished by the Roundheads,
All that was left of Flint Castle were ruins  
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Fantastic crest at Carlisle Castle
Phil Robinson 2011
There isn't much left to see of some of the Castles many crippled in attacks some stripped down to make local houses, others just left to decay over the years.
What's left enables us a glimpse into the past.
Into a Medieval World. Quite alien to the world we live in today.
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
 Like many Castles demolished by the Roundheadsand the Royalist during the English Civil War in 1642. - 1647.  All that was left of  some of the Castles i went to  look round were ruins.
 "And so they still remain."
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010

Conisbrough Castle 

 Regarded as having one of the finest Norman keep towers anywhere in England.

The Normans built castle's to intimidate the local populous. and actually  forced them to build them.
my crest !!
July 2010
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Medieval Battle 
 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
Cliffords Tower York
  Built by Henry III in the 13th Centuary
as his Northen Castle. Later the Castle passed into the hands of the Clifford Family
Sir Richard Clifford  was the first to be hanged before its doors.
Clifford's Tower is also notable for being the scene of the first (maybe the only) massacre of Jews by English Christians - 1190. The first example of anti-semitism in this country. 100 years later, they were expelled from England by Edward I. Cromwell re-admitted them in 1656.
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 Photo Phil Robinson 2010
Pontefract Castle
 Plantagenet Stronghold
 Flint Castle saw the capture of King Richard II (1367 - 1399) by Henry of Bolingbroke. He was forced to return to London and abdicate in favour of Henry of Bolingbroke who became King Henry IV (1367–1413).
Richard was eventually taken to Pontefract Castle  where he infamously murdered in custody.  
Photo Phil Robinson 2010
Lancaster Castle
Home of the Duke of Lancaster
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Photo Phil Robinson 2010 
Knaresborough castle.


Photo Phil Robinson 2010 
 Knaresborough North Yorkshire 
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