Wiltshire Council Parking Charges

The Unitary Council is planning to reintroduce parking charges in Dunns Lane Car Park despite Parish Council opposition 
- please take your chance to make your views heard!

The Unitary Council is proposing to re-introduce charges in the Dunns Lane Car Park even though fully aware that this is vigorously opposed by the Parish Council.

When charges were originally levied, the level of illegal parking on the hill and in the village centre rose dramatically, causing unnecessary havoc for villagers plus health and safety risks for pedestrians and drivers. Illegal parking makes it significantly more dangerous for pedestrians walking down the hill to the village. This resulted in North Wiltshire District Council (predecessor of the Unitary Council) deciding to make the car park free once more.

No attempt has been made by the Unitary Council to investigate these past events despite several requests to do so. They also declined to visit the village to discuss their proposals despite a formal objection having been lodged by the Parish Council in April, to which no response was received.

The reasons given for the reintroduction of charges include the following:

  • "A charge in Dunns Lane Car Park will change the nature of the parking management and allow the improvements to current arrangements.
  • "Support local economy by making it easier for visitors to park".
  • "Encourage travelling by modes of transport other than a car"

These are not only contradictory but also nonsensical, as anyone with knowledge of the village will know. There are only four buses a day and none on Sundays and Bank Holidays!

It would appear that this is simply a fund raising exercise with little regard to the wellbeing or safety of residents or visitors.

Even if extra enforcement is implemented - and the Unitary Council's actions to date give us little confidence - this will only be like putting sticking plaster on a self-inflicted wound - and further distressing visitors.

The Parish Council encourages all villagers to make their views known - whether for or against - by sending comments to the Unitary Council well before the end date of 23rd October and quoting reference LJB/TRO/CCOM.

This can be either by email to trafficorders@wiltshire.gov.uk

Or in writing to TRO Team, Highways & Transport, Sustainable Support Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA148JN.

Please ensure that your address and postcode is included and that if more than one person lives in your property, each replies on their own behalf to maximise the number of responses.

It would be helpful if you could ask any relatives and friends who know the village, and understand our concerns, to send their comments too.

Please do it right now - many thanks!