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Draft Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 28th Sept 2017
Extraordinary PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 22nd June 2017
Extraordinary PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 28th July 2016
PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 17th September 2015

Extraordinary PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 27th June 2013

Extraordinary PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 27th June 2012
Extraordinary PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21st June 2012


The March meeting agreed a 3.6% increase in the annual budgeted expenditure.
Income for this year (included in the overall rates bill) was reduced 50% by the Parish Council on a one-off basis to assist villagers in these difficult times. The shortfall will be met from film monies as already announced.
Yatton Keynell Post Office is now remaining open within the shop premises after the success of the vigorous campaign by Bybrook residents - well done!
We have arranged to enter The Best Kept Village once more and await further news.
Police representation is changing again. Heather Barham is returning in place of Toni Evans but will be covenng a wider area tnan previously. We have expressed reservations on resource levels but have been assured that the change will not be detrimenta1.
The outcome of the County-wide B road review has been deferred until mid-year wnen Speed limits may be amended including the B4039. Police are liasing with Lackham College management following adverse comments on students' driving locally.
The upper playground re-surfacing has been completed and the grass mesh protection on the lower area has been re-laid where necessary. Grass is now starting to hide the mesh.
Quotes are awaited for silt removal in the Bybrook. This may prove more problematical than first envisaged. The Council has agreed a subsidy of £200 for inflatable sandbags.
Regrettably the Combe Sunday event has been cancelled due to the time limitations on the organisers' already busy lives. The meeting thanked Will Lawton and his colleagues for their past and present efforts.
A useful meeting was held with circuit management to ensure that disruption to local residents is minimised wherever possible.

All are welcome and refreshments will be provided!


There was an attendance of three parishioners
Prior to the meeting a presentation of a traffic speed survey on the B 4039 was given by the police. The readings taken on the length of highway opposite the racing circuit, revealed the majority of vehicles to be travelling within the 50 m.p.h. limit, 15% exceeding the limit. In the opinion of the police, these results did not warrant speed enforcement action. It was suggested by a councillor that this survey should be repeated within the 40 m.p.h. zone in Upper Combe with a view to reducing the limit to 30 m.p.h. Any such action would not be undertaken until the results of the Wiltshire County Council's review of speed limits is published this year. The attention of the community police officer was drawn to the complaints by residents of Westway Close of careless driving by students from the college at the racing circuit. She agreed to address the matter.
The chairman was pleased to report favourably on the format of the Area Committee Meeting held in Grittleton Village Hall on 12th January. A short film directed at young car drivers to illustrate the accidents which result from excessive speed was screened.
A "Day of Action" will be organised within the next few months, to draw the attention of drivers passing through the village of the necessity to drive with due care. The chairman proposed erection of signs as a reminder to drivers of the need to moderate their speed.
Funds obtained from filming have been expended on a complete resurfacing of the childrens' play area at Whitegates. Also on the laying of plastic matting on the village hall field.
Enforcement of the parking restrictions in the village had been unsatisfactory, this will be brought to the attention of NWDC.
An open meeting to discuss the proposed closure of Yatton Keynell Post Office will be held in the Y K Village Hall on 5th February.
A seat outside the church is now in place after requests by residents, and wooden bollards replaced near the Market Cross.
Following an offer by Wiltshire County Council to provide limited funding for silt removal from the ByBrook, it was agreed to approach contractors for estimates.
It was noted that an explanatory meeting took place in the village hall with the organisers of Combe Sunday. From this, it would appear that they have yet to secure the land required for the proposed allotments in Yatton Keynell, which will be funded by the proceeds of the event.
The allotments would be used jointly by residents of Y K and the school children.
Due to the heavy recent frosts, a burst water pipe in the Sports Pavilion has caused considerable damage. The insurance will cover the costs of repair. The Castle Combe Colts committee to be made aware of the necessity of ensuring the water supply turned off after fixtures have been played. Graffiti from visiting teams has also appeared on the changing room walls.
In view of the recent application by Castle Combe Circuit for an alteration to a week end event permission, the District Council had been approached for details of the present usage. These they appeared to be unable to provide. Following complaints from residents of Westway Close regarding inconsiderate driving by Lackham College students, the college principal has been approached to address the matter. 
Repairs have been carried out on the floor of the village hall.
It was agreed the Clark's salary be at the appropriate scale. An increase in the chairman's allowance was also approved.
The death of John Roberts, for many years clerk to the council, was recorded with sorrow.
As a tribute, a donation of £100 to Dorothy House Hospice will be made.


At its November meeting the Parish Council agreed unanimously to reduce its Rates Precept from April next year by 50% to help householders in these difficult times. This is made possible by using some of the funds received from The Wolfman filming to make up the shortfall. Whilst the reduction will be for a single year, it will benefit all parishioners and hopefully will be very welcome news. However the Parish Council element of the overall Council Tax bill is already very small and we have no idea how the remainder (the vast bulk) of the Council Tax charge will turn out.
We have been successful in obtaining grants from North Wiltshire District Council to improve both playgrounds. Again Wolfman funds are being used to provide our share of the costs. Start dates are weather dependant but work should be completed by March.
The annual safety Inspection for both playgrounds by The Royal Sodety for Prevention of Accidents has been completed successfully.
The periodic Village Hall Health and Safety review has been completed including electrical appliances, gas and fire extinguishers.
The Environment Agency has agreed to clear vegetation in the Bybrook, hopefully this month. We have requested that the County Council then arrange removal of the silt by the bridge although a positive response is still awaited.
The police will attend the January meeting to discuss the outcome of their speed checks on the B4039. The County Council review of "B" road speed limits is still awaited.
We are still not satisfied with the interactive warning signs at the Biddestone crossroads (towards which we made a financial contribution) and have made our views known to Highways.
There is still no firm news on the future of Yatton Keynall Post Office.
The Circuit has confirmed that its marshals have been reminded of the limitations on early morning noise and will take action accordingly.
The Museum has been awarded a Car Boot sale day at the Circuit next August.
The organisers for next year's "Combe Sunday" outlined their plans at a Village meeting as arranged and are now progressing with their proposals.
Various planting of troughs has been completed around the village. Many thanks to Liz Taylor for contributing some of the plants.
The next Parish Council meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd January in the Village Hall


There was a disappointing attendance once more for the September meeting, with no parishioners being present for the majority of issues under discussion.
NWDC has already exhausted its direct grant funding for 2008-2009 but we are hopeful that our applications for grant assistance to improve the two playgrounds can still be met from other NWDC funds.
A site meeting with The Environment Agency has confirmed a number of actionswhich could be taken to reduce flood risks in he lower village and these will be progressed over the next few weeks.
The WCC review of "B" road speed limits is now due to report in the Autumn.
Police speed checks on the B4039 over two separate weeks indicate that 15% of drivers are exceeding the 50mph speed limit. Will shall discuss this further with the authorities.
The interactive warning signs at the Biddestone crossroads have now been installed but will need refinement to maximise their effectiveness.
Despite various rumours there is still no firm news on the future of Yatton Keynall Post Office, nine months after closure was first mooted.
Concern re early morning noise at the circuit will be discussed with them at the next liaison meeting.
The organisers for next year's CombeSunday will be holding an open meeting in the Village Hall to present the format; all villagers are welcome to attend. All concerned have found this a useful session on previous occasions.
The next Parish Council meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday 20th November in the Village Hall.


There was an disappointing attendance for the July meeting, with no parishioners being present for the majority of items under discussion.
A grant application has been submitted to North Wiltshire District Councit to enable us to resurface the Whitegates playground before it deteriorates below safety limits. Several quotations were obtained and a local supplier has been chosen at a cost of £4950, of which half is being sought from NWDC. The balance will be funded from part of the monies received from The Wolfman firming. A further grant application has been submitted to North Wiltshire District Council to enable grass protection mesh to be laid in the lower village playground area to improve the surface during the winter months. 50% of the £2185 cost is being sought, with the balance again being funded from The Wolfman receipts.
External advice is being sought to identify whether any serious potential flood risks exist and to recommend preventative measures if required.
The outcome of the Wiltshire County Council review of "B" road speed limits is still awaited. The B4039 is expected to be amongst the earliest to be reviewed. Traffic calming remains of concern and Councillor Bishop is considering ways in which a concerted village approach to the problem can be undertaken with police support.
A further meeting with senior Post Office Limited management took place in early July to discuss the future of Yatton Keynall post office. They are yet again considering their options.
We came third in the Best Kept village competition with most areas receiving complimentary comments. Many thanks to all those who helped to achieve this standard.
Combe Sunday has proved to be a success previously and has raised substantial monies for charity. We have been approached regarding another such event on the second Bank Holiday in May 2009 and the organisers will as usual hold a village meeting well beforehand.
The 2007-08 accounts and 2008-09 budget were confirmed.
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 25th September in the Village Hall.

There was an excellent attendance for the Annual Parishioners' meeting on 15th May.
Parish finances are healthy and once again the Parish Council element of the Council Tax charge has remained unchanged. Unlike other elected councillors, Parish Councillors are volunteers who receive no remuneration for their efforts and indeed are frequently out of pocket due to travel expenses etc.
The Village Hall had another successful year but the number of craft fairs will reduce in 2008 and expenses will rise. A modest increase in hire fees will be necessary.
The lower village TV system is now maintained by a new company whose response performance to date has been good. The system will need some improvements during the coming year and the annual subscription will increase to £45 to ensure that sufficient funds are in hand to cope with any contingency expenditure.
We await the outcome of a recent meeting with the Police, District Council and County Council representatives to discuss traffic calming measures particularly in relation to the B4039 bend and speed limits. We hope that a 30mph limit can be imposed at that spot.
A small working party will be formed to review the potential for other traffic calming measures.
Post Office Limited have now proposed a second consultation period regarding the future of Yatton Keynall Post Office. This is despite the fact that the original consultation produced overwhelming support for retention of the current format. It would seem that public consultation results are simply ignored until they produce the desired outcome. The current proposal is for a periodic "out-reach" service which is unacceptable to the Postmaster and unlikely to reach fruition.
We still make every effort to minimise the parking problems in the lower village with regular chasing of NWDC officers to improve performance. It may be possible for this to be delegated to parish level once the new Unitary Authority is in place next year.
NWDC have now confirmed that closure of the public toilets is no longer on their agenda.
The suggestions for usage of the film company proceeds were debated further and it was agreed that a Flood Risk Assessment could be added should this prove necessary once initial discussions with the Environment Agency and County Council have taken place.
Further costings regarding other suggestions are being pursued with the benefit of helpful suggestions from attendees.
We have again entered the "Best Kept Village" competition and should be grateful if all residents could set aside the evening of Friday 30th May for the Village Tidy. If unable to make that date, it would be very helpful if the areas immediately adjacent to each home could be tidied during that weekend in readiness for the judging.
Our District Councillor Jane Scott will raise with NWDC the concerns expressed by Whitegates residents regarding inadequate maintenance at District level.
The mobile library visits the Market Cross on 11.45 am Thursdays at fortnightly intervals i.e. 5th June, 19th June etc. It is well stocked and books are not subject to the same hiring period limits as the town library.
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 17th July in the Village Hall.


The Parish Council met on 20th March 2008.
Still no official news regarding the future of Yatton Keynell post office but together with other Bybrook parishes we have given full support to Yatton Keynell Parish Council in discussions with Post Office Limited and Postwatch.
A total of twenty suggestions were received from parishioners regarding possible usage of funds being received from the filming of "The Wolfman" in the lower village during April. Several were selected for more detailed consideration including playground improvements at Whitegates, all-weather surfacing behind the Village Hall, funding of traffic calming studies in Lower and Upper Combe and purchase of various recreational equipment for community use.
The council agreed to contribute £1000 towards the installation of interactive warning signs at the Biddestone Crossroads. The same level of contribution is being made by Biddestone, Chippenham Without and Yatton Keynell parish councils, with the remaining 50% coming from the County Highways Authority,
Our local police officer Toni Evans has convened a very useful meeting with relevant County authorities at which it was agreed that measurements of traffic volumes and speeds would be taken on the B4039 to assess whether lower speed limits would be appropriate. Results of a separate study are also due within the next two months.
We shall be meeting the Highways Authority regarding correction of the yellow lines on the hill and a date for their proposal for road resurfacing.
We have received verbal advice that the public toilets will remain open. Formal written confirmation is being sought.
We shall again be entering the Best Kept Village competition later this year.
The annual parish meeting will take place on Thursday 15th May at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall followed by the Parish Council A.G.M


1. In conjunction with Yatton Keynell, Grittleton and Biddestone Parish Councils, meetings have been held with Postwatch and Post Office Limited to oppose proposals for closure of the Yatton Keynell post office and its replacement by an inadequate "Outreach" service. Following the most recent meeting, Post Office Limited have agreed to review the basis of their decision and to submit a revised proposal to the Yatton Keynell postmaster. They still appear reluctant to change however and pressure from users (as suggested in our recent fliers) remains very important. The deadline is 31st January.
2. The Parish Council will receive a donation from the producers of "The Wolfman" film ( a re-make of the 1941 classic) which is provisionally scheduled to be filmed in the lower village this Spring. Any suggestions (small or large) as to how such monies might be used for the benefit of the community generally would be welcome, and will assist the Council in coming to its conclusions once the funds are received. Ideas can be given direct to Malcolm King for Whitegates, Jane Halliday for Upper Combe, and Fred Winup for Lower Combe.
3. The County Council has now agreed to consider installation of interactive flashing speed signs at the A420 Biddestone crossroads, which are used regularly by Castle Combe residents and which have been the scene of a number of collisions including fatality. Quotations are being sought by them from a number of suppliers. Somewhat surprisingly, recent police radar speed checks on the B4039 and the lower village found no drivers exceeding the limits. We are advised that these speed checks will continue at regular intervals.
4. The Manor House hotel management have apologised for the inconvenience caused during a "celebrity" wedding and will ensure no repetition.
5. Last but certainly not least, many thanks indeed to Christine Molano as retiring editor of the Castle Combe Newsletter for her sterling efforts on behalf of all residents, which are very much appreciated!
6. The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday 20th March at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall and all parishioners are very welcome to attend.


An approach has been received for the village to be featured in another film after the success of "Stardust". Likely dates late February/early March 2008. The location manager (Emma Pill, who orchestrated "Stardust") will be making a preliminary presentation to villagers as with the previous film. This will be in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4th December and all villagers are welcome to attend.
The Museum was successful in obtaining the July 2008 car boot sale date in the Circuit draw. The trustees will be seeking help on the day in due course!
Several parishes met on-site with the Highway Authority to consider safety improvements at the A420 Biddestone crossroads. Costings are awaited.
Our local Community Police Officer has now received speed control training and will soon be operative regularly on roads in our vicinity.
The District Council is recruiting additional parking attendants and also extending hours of working to include evenings and weekends.
The 1937 Coronation bench at Whitegates has been refurbished and will be back in place shortly. The temporary replacement will then be placed in the lower village.
The annual ROSPA playgrounds inspection has confirmed no major issues.
The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday 17th January at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

1 The September meeting extended a warm welcome to Toni Evans and Norman Webster, our new Community Police team, who attended outside of their working hours in order to meet councillors and villagers personally. We are most encouraged by their obvious enthusiasm for their respective roles.
Meetings with District Council parking authorities have resulted in more frequent visits by wardens; now including weekends. Figures are received monthly showing the number of visits, observed offences and tickets issued. Vehicles causing obstruction will also be ticketed. Various options for traffic calming are being investigated. 
2 The draw for 2008 Car Boot days at the Circuit takes place on 10th October. The Village Hall Committee has agreed that its place in the draw can on this occasion be taken by the Village Museum, whose income has been less than normal this year.
3 Decorative work on the Whitegates bus shelter has begun with the aid of local children and will hopefully be completed shortly. The replacement bench for Whitegates has been purchased and should be installed this month.
4 Fly tipping around the Whitegates play area is a concern and consideration will be given to a suitable location for a composting facility. Any views on this please to Malcolm King at 65 Whitegates.
5 Composting arrangements in the lower village playground area are to be modified by removal of the two rarely used end stores. The three main bins will remain.
6 The District Council has still not decided its policy regarding potential closure of public toilet facilities within North Wiltshire. We have sent a comprehensive list of issues to be considered before a decision is made.
7 The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday 15th November at 7.30 in the Village Hall.


1. The July meeting extended a warm welcome to Malcolm King, our newly appointed Councillor, who will keep an eye on the needs of our Whitegates parishioners. 
2. Mr Eels queried the District Council's proposed naming of the dairy development site as "Laurel Close" and it was agreed that we would write confirming no objection to "The Old Dairy Drive" as an alternative. The District has since confirmed its agreement to such a change. Clarification will also be sought as to the reasons for delay in development. 
3. The Whitegates bus shelter refurbishment should be completed next month, with the very active participation of local children.
4. The village came fourth in this year's Best Kept Village competition. The judges described most areas as being very well maintained with very few blemishes. Our grateful thanks to all those residents who helped with the tidy day. 
5. The District Council is to review the ongoing provision of all public toilet facilities due to budget problems. We shall write emphasising the need for such facilities to remain in tourist areas such as ours, which provide substantial income to the district. 
6. We welcome and appreciate the Manor House Hotel's apology for the two occasions on which firework displays took place recently. They have checked existing bookings for the next four years to ensure there is no repetition. The previously agreed policy will remain, limiting displays to 5th November and 31st December. 
7. The District Council has now agreed to increase the frequency of traffic warden attendance, including evenings and weekends. A meeting will also be arranged with local police and the County Council regarding other traffic issues such as speeding and road obstructions. 
8. We are advised that any complaints about environmental issues (noise, waste etc) should be made direct by residents to the Environmental Health Officer on 01249 706454 (or 08450568035 out of hours or weekends). 
9. The next Parish Council meeting will take place on Thursday 13th September at 7.30 in the Village Hall.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting, a presentation was made to the present Chairman, Councellor Adrian Bishop; Having held the post of chairman in excess of 30- years, he had stated his intention not to seek re election. Making the presentation on behalf of the Parish Council, Councillor Fred Winup, Vice~Chairman, thanked the Chairman for his services to the village over such a long period of time.
A large number of parishioners were in attendance, the refreshments provided by lady councillors and a councillor's wife, being much appreciated.

The Chairman's Annual Report - He regretted that the environmental enhancement work in Upper Combe which had been proposed by NWDC, would not now take place due to lack of finance. Road safety measures on the B4039, part funded by the parish council, had been carried out by WCC Highways. On the subject of excessive vehicle speeds through the village, it had been hoped to have a presentation on methods of traffic calming by a specialist in this field. Due to other commitments this was not possible in the near future, but a study would be made of his unconventional proposals, and how they could be apptied to the vi1lage. Local drivers were invariably the speeding culprits, and they should drive with more consideration for other road users. Since NWDC assumed responstbility for parking enforcement there has been stgntftcant reduction in illegal parking. Problems still exist at week ends and evenings, and it is hoped to have these periods also covered by traffic attendants. The Castle Hotel has shown co-operation in bringing the parking restrictions to the attention of their guests. The "Green Village" project has seen the introduction of a composting unit, and residents are urged to consider methods of conserving energy".

As a change gf venue for council meetings the Chapel in Upper Combe was used on an occasion in 2006. It is hoped that this diversification of venue will continue in the coming year. Reference was made to the intention of WCC seeking to become a unitary authority. The purchasing of village properties as second homes and holiday 'lets' is becoming endemic, to a degree which is harming the community. At the May elections, the roundl members were re-elected unopposed due to a shortfall of nominations. It is hoped that a member to represent Whitegates may be aropted. Councillor Jane Scott was congratulated on her success in being re-elected to NWDC, and she has thus become both our District and County Coundllor. Her support over the years is very much appreciated, particularly in view of her extensive commitments. The new Community Police Officer, Hazel Anderson, hoped to attend the meeting to make herself known to the Parish Council and to explain her new role

The Chairman said that this would be his last report, having decided not to seek re-election as Chairman, but he would be remaining as a member of the Coundl. It had been a privilege to be allowed to serve the village, but the chairmanship would be passing into very capable hands. In condusion, he thanked pll those councillors, past and present, who had supported his efforts, and also those invaluable parish clerks.

Village Hall - In the absence of the Committee Chairman, Cllr Winup was able to report a healthy financial situation and satisfactory bookings. He gave thanks to Gareth Hare, the Chairman, and Julie Hare for thelr hard work in the running d the hall.

Sports Field and Recing Circuit - Cllr Mackelden reported a satisfactory liaison between the Coundl and the Football Club and Cricket Club which resulted in a large number of children throughout he local area being able to use the facilities and enjoy their sports. The recent race meeting at the circuit created heavy traffic; poor and possibly dangerous management of the temporary traffic lights on the B4039 was noted

TV Relay Committee - As Chairman of the Committee, Tim Boucher said that the system in the lower viltage was working well after recent works, but in certain areas more work would be necessary in the future.

Open Forum - A parishioner raised concerns about the amount of litter deposited on the hill into the village. It was felt that little could be done to solve the problem.

Election of Chairman &. Vice Chairman - Elected - Cllr Fred Winup (Chairman) - Cllr Adrian Bishop (Vice Chairman)
Village Public Toilets - Cllr Bishop reported that, folrowing his representation at the Area Committee Meeting, a reply had been received from NW DC to the effect that the toilets would remain open.
Bus Shelter at Whitegates - Details of the proposed refurbishment had been received from Mrs Batten. A budget figure of £250 was agreed for the work.
Traffic Calming - Cllr Bishop reported that Mr Hamilton Baillie was now unable to give the presentation, but had sent copies of his talks given elsewhere.
Best Kept Village Competition - A village tidy will be held on Friday 1st June at 7.00 p.m. The co-operation of all residents to clean the areas round their property and elsewhere is requested.
Play Areas - Cllr Halliday reported that she had cleaned the play equipment and surface tiles at Whitegates. She was congratulated for the successful conclusion. Attention will be given to the lower village play area.
Green Village - Due to the resignation of Cllr Knights there has been no further action.
Village Environment - Cllr Ruggles has replaced the plants stolen from the car park display and also put a protective coating on the upper village bus shelter. He noted that rubbish and builders' surplus was now being dumped at the recycling centre at the car park. The District Councillor agreed to request NWDC to provide a 'No Rubbish' sign be put in place. The Parish Warden is to be asked to dear the gutters of weeds at Whitegates. 
Village Hall - Cars being parked across the entrance to the hall are preventing access. It was suggested that a criss-cross area to indicate no parking be painted outside the entrance.
Parish Council Vacancy - This is open to any resident of the parish; interested parties should contact the Parish Clerk - 782668.

Date of next meeting - Thursday 19th July @ 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall


1.The chairman has made cootact with the developer of the Old Dairy srae to request their undergrounding of the overhead wires. Although no commitment was given, it will be given consideration if possible.
2. Refurbishment of the Whitegates bus shelter will hopefully be carried out in the school holidays.
3. A presentation by a traffic consultant on the methods of reducing the speed of traffic in this and adjacent parishes has been arranged for the early spring.
4 It was agreed to enter the Best Kept Village Competition. A date for the village tidy will be announced. 
5. Application forms for The NWDC Free Bus Pass & Token Scheme can be obtained from post offices. 
6. Consideration was given to a letter from Mrs Gale in regard to additional road signage to improve road safety at Quarry Corner on the B4039. WCC Highways is not prepared to make any changes, due to the low number of recorded accidents. It was noted that there has been a spate of thefts of road signs, the original chevron signs at Quarry Corner having recently suffered thus. These are now replaced, and hopefully any suspicious characters seen to be engaged in this anti social act should be reported to the police.
7. Cllr Mackeklen reported on the liaison meeting with Castle Combe Circuit. With no adverse comments in the first year of Rally School operation, a planning application for it to be a more permanent event is to be submitted. The Lackam College engineering centre is now up and running.
8. Cllr Halliday reported that the rerommendations of the ROSPA inspection of the play areas have been fulfilled. The advice from ROSPA re the proximity of the composting centre to the play area in lower Combe had been that no safety risk exists.
9. Cllr Winup is to advise the Parish Steward of highway matters requiring attention. Weeds in the gutters on Whitegates to be removed. It was noted that vehicles at Circuit Motors are being parked along the verges of the B4039. A letter to be written reminding the owners of the terms of their planning permission. The 'ticketing' by NWDC traffic attendants has been effective in reducing the number of illegally parked vehicles.
However the service bus is stll having trouble in turning due to overnight parked cars near the Market Cross. A letter to be sent to the Castle Hotel requesting their visitors be advised against parking in the area round the Market Cross. Arrangements are being made for the traffic attendants to visit in the evenings and at week ends.
There are certain anomalies regarding yellow line parking restrictions, this to be taken up with WCC.
10. Cllr Ruggles reported that vandals had destroyed many of the flowering daffodils at the entrance to the village, and also plants had been stolen from the flower trough at the car park. Following a complaint from Whitegates residents regarding litter and rubbish outside the Po1ice House, the matter was drawn to the attention of the Manor House Hotel manager. Assurance has been given for no reoccurrence of the problem.
11. Cllr Winup reported that a fire and safety assessment of the village hall had been completed. A new season's booking of the hall for craft fairs had been conduded.
12. Cllr Knights announced a meeting to be arranged for discussion of 'Green' issues. This will include presentation of a proposal by Mr Lysley for a wind turbine in Upper Combe.
13. The proposal by NWDC to dose the village public toilets in 2008 was discussed. It was agreed to resist this vigorously.
14. Concerns have been raised regarding possible flooding in the lower village. The Chairman to discuss mqnagement of the Bybrook sluices with the Manor House management. 
15. County CounciHor Jane Scott: was congratulated on the award of a 4 Star rating awarded to WCC by the government.
16. District Councillor Sherry Meadows to investigate provision of recycling 'black boxes' for Upper Castle Combe.



1. The meeting was convened to address concerns which have arisen since the introduction
of a composting centre adjacent to the lower village children's play area. Points discussed included, concerns for safety of children, possible rodent infestation, impact of the structure on the local environment and implications of shredding tree prunings.
2. It was agreed for usage of the centre to proceed, with a review of the operation in September. Cllr Knights to distribute to all residents a guide line for usage.
3. Cllr Halliday to request opinion of Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents re children's safety issue.

25th JANUARY 2007

1. Cllr Halliday presented the scheme for renovation of the Whitegates bus shelter submitted by Mrs Batten. The council approved the costing and the innovative decorative proposals suggested by the local children.
2. Works by Wessex Water in the lower village are reported to be on schedule.
3. The council confirmed the parish precept to remain at £4,250.
4. Refurbishment of the public toilets by NWDC has been completed to a very satisfactory standard. 
5. Annual donation of £25 to SPLASH agreed.
6. An excessive amount of litter on the Upper Combe sports field was reported. Cllr. Mackelden to contact CC Colts chairman.
7. In response to complaints to the PC of parking obstruction outside Rose Cottage in Upper Castle Combe, Mr Harvey addressed the meeting. After an exchange of views, Mr Harvey agreed to keep the footpath clear of vehicles.
8. Discussion took place on various correspondences from Mr Middleton regarding the recently installed composting centre. His concerns were noted, and will be borne in mind during the initial period of operation. Cllr. Knights has now produced guidelines for the usage of the composting facility; these are being distributed to residents.
9. Cllr Ruggles reported satisfactory clearance of the golf course footpath, and his personal attention to litter clearance in the pound and on the north hill. The grass picnic area alongside the upper village car park has been vandalised by vehicles being intentionally driven across it; NWDC to be informed.
10. In the absence of Cllr Winup his report on the village hall was read. Funds were satisfactory, and a donation of £180 had been received from Mrs Chapman.
The grassed area adjacent to the hall has been badly churned up during the recent wet weather by vehicles. Attempts to prevent this by keeping the access chain padlocked have not been successful due to hirers neglecting to relock the chain. Consideration is to be given to keeping vehicles off the grass during the winter period. In the longer term other solutions to the problem will be reviewed.
11. County Cllr Jane Scott gave a presentation on the proposals by wce to create a unitary local authority in place of the present two tier administration. This has been led by a government white paper, requiring more efficiency in local government. If accepted, it will mean the abolition of district councils. Implementation will only take place after consultation at all levels, and at least two years hence.
12. The problem of traffic travelling at excess speeds throughout the parish was raised by the chairman. He has contacted a firm of traffic consultants who will visit the village to assess the problem and make recommendations. A joint meeting of local parish councils to address the problem of speeding in villages will be arranged by the chairman.


As an alternate venue to the village hall and to facilitate the residents of Upper Castle Combe, the parish council held this meeting in the Congregational Chapel, by kind permission of the Chapel Trustees. In spite of all properties in the upper village receiving flyers to notify of the venue, the attendance of only eight parishioners was a disappointment.
1. NWDC Area Committee Meeting  9th October. To be attended by Chairman and Vice Chairman. The failure of NWDC to respond to letters, 'phone calls and e-mails to be raised.
2. Enforcement of Vehicle parking Reaulations. After much 'chasing' a reply has been received in respect of the issues raised with NWDC councillors and officers at a recent meeting. NWDC parking attendants will be carrying out enforcement duties in Castle Combe at irregular times, including evenings and week-ends. A number of 'tickets' has already been issued to offenders. The District Councillor was thanked for her help in this matter.
3. Bus Shelter Refurbishment - Whitegates. This work, which was to have been done during the summer school holidays by volunteer labour, did not take place. Investigation of the present position will be undertaken.
4. Village Flag Pole. This is now installed in the War Memorial Garden. It was agreed that the Union Flag is to be flown.
5. Correspondence Received
(1). NWOC request comments / views re parking enforcement issues by 27th October - Action Cllr Winup 

(2) Event at Neeld Hall Chippenham 23/27 October re Energy Saving Week
(3) Boundary Commission Survey consultation document - Action - Clerk to the Council
(4) Wilts Police Authority Consultation Meeting, Wootton Bassett, 16th October: possible attendance Cllr Halliday.
6. Planning Applications It was noted that an Appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of permission for works at Preedy's Cottage. Parish Council to send views Action  Chairman and Cllr Clegg.
7. ReDorts From Portfolio Holders
(1). Sports Field - Cllr Mackelden - no problems to report, field tidy.
(2). Play Areas - Cllr Halliday reported on contents of recent ROSPA visit inspection. Investigation of methods of treatment of slippery surface at Whitegates PA to be made.
(3). Highways - In the absence of Cllr Winup, the Chairman reported that in view of WCC's lack of response to the request for re-painting of parking bays in the lower Village, he had completed this work himself.
(4). Energy Friendly Village Project - Cllr Knights reported on joint meeting with Mike Roberts and NWDC officers. It is intended to consult with all residents as to their approach to energy saving, waste disposal etc., by way of a questionnaire. It was noted that an exhibition is to be held in Coleme School on Sunday 24th September re that village's Energy Efficiecy programme.
(5). Village Environment - Cllr Ruggles reported clearance of golf course footpath required. Action 
Cllr Ruggles - Green keeper to be informed. Willow trees growing in the Bybrook, volunteer working party to be convened.
8 Villaqe Hall Parking restriction notice agreed Action - Cllr Winup.
9. Estate Yard Parkinq The increase in unauthorised parking in the yard is causing concern and a private parking notice at the entrance would alleviate the problem. Mr Lysley, as owner of the yard, to be contacted for his views. Action - Chairman
10. Telephone Exchanqe and Manor House Hotel ProDertv on Whiteqates The attention of the council was drawn to broken fencing at the Exchange and the condition of the house owned by the Manor House Hotel on Whitegates. Action- Clerk to the Council to write to both parties.

Annual Parishioners Meeting - 25th May 2006
Unfortunately there was a very poor attendance at this meeting
Items in the Chairman's Annual Report.
1. The recent filming in the village was an interesting event for residents and disruption to life kept at a minimum.
2. Refurbishment work during the last year induded, the public toilets, war memorial, village hall and new notice boards. In this year together with NWDC it is hoped for undergrounding of overhead wires in Upper Combe.

3. The parish council supported NWDC at the appeal by the Racing Circuit against the imposition of a noise abatement order, the appeal was dismissed.. Representation was made in regard of the new permitted opening hours for licensed premises. With the extended hours permitted, the village licensees have continued to act responsibly.
4. Following pressure from the parish council, WCC Highways filled in potholes and top dressed village roads. In consultation with WCC some new road safety signs have been installed on the B 4039 with others to follow. There is . great concern regarding excessive speed of vehicles through the village and on the B 4039, many of the culprits are local drivers.
5. Illegal and inconsiderate parking in the Lower Village is at an all time high. Representations have again been made to the police. Hopefully enforcement will increase following the introduction of traffic wardens in September.
6. The parish council is considering measures to make the village "Environmentally Friendly" in conjunction with Wiltshire WiJdlife. This may involve calling a village meeting ]ater this year.
Village Hall Report
The hall is now in excellent condition following decoration and general refurbishment. It is hoped to extend the outside
store when funds permit. Report by Cllr Winup.
Sports Field Report
CaStle Combe Colts Football Oub and the Cricket Club are making extensive use of the field and clubhouse facilities. The lease arrangement with the parish council has proved very satisfactory. Report by Cllr Mackelden
TV Relay Report
The TV relay system in the lower village is in good working condition. The present maintenance engineer is retiring and a replacement is being sought. Report by Tim Boucher
Parish Council Annual General Meeting
Election of Chairman - Cllr Bishop elected 

Election of Vice Chairman - Cllr Winup elected
1. Complaints have been received regarding traffic problems and vehicle noise arising from the recent Japfest event at the Racing Circuit. Circuit management to be approached.
2. The chevron sign requested at the Upper Combe X Roads will Qe installed in August, and a 'gateway' at the eastern 40 mph limit on the B 4039 promised by WCC. '
3. A sum of £250 is allocated to the village museum funds from the fiJm company donation to the PC. A decision on the spending of the balance has not be finalized, options being for enhancement works in Upper Combe and payments for a traffic warden.
4. NWDC Cleansing & Amenities to be approached by district councilor for clearance of rubbish near Whitegates play area.
5. A reply still awaited from NWDC re cost of undergrounding cables in Upper Combe.
6. A meeting to be arranged with the Leader of NWDC re enforcement of parking regulations in the village.
7. Response still awaited from NWDC and Westlea Housing Association re affordable housing proposal in Upper Combe 8. Two letters referring to the CorTIbe Sunday event were noted by the PC.
9. Concern was expressed re the unauthorized parking on the village hall field. It was agreed for the entrance chain to be locked whenever events were not taking place at the hall.
10. It was agreed to purchase a flag pole, to be located near the war memorial.
11. Investigations will be made to hold occasional PC meetings In Upper Combe and Whitegates.
12. Consideration was given to a request from surveyors for the Racing Circuit to make a sewer connection at Westway Close. Wesssex Water to be contacted re this proposal.

Prior to the meeting two short presentations were received.
Liz Nimmo-Scott, Energy Project Officer, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust gave information about the establishment of dimate friendly communities, and how Castle Combe could be involved.
Preliminary details for a possible affordable housing development in Upper Combe were given by lan Morgan Jones of Westlea Housing.

1. HIGHWAY MATTERS: Another attempt to remove loose gravel from the road through the village by the contractors had only been partially successful. In Upper Castle Combe the road centre marking had been done, and speecllimit gateways on the B 4039 have been promised by WCC.
2. COMBE SUNDAY: The question of an entertainment licence for the event was raised. Organizers to be contacted.
3. FILMING IN THE VILLAGE: This is scheduled for the second week in May, when on one day the road into the village from the B 4039 will be closed. The film company will be requiring extras.
4. CHILDRENS' PLAY AREAS: Thanks wre extended to District Councillor Meadows for chasing NWDC to cut back trees near the Whitegates play area. 'No dogs' and other signage is on order for the two play areas. 
5. VILLAGE ENHANCEMENT: NWDC is to be asked to re-start this programme. Undergrounding of cables and overhead wires in Upper Combe as a requirement.
6. VILLAGE HALL: It was noted that the cost of maintaining the hall was a high proportion of the council's precept. This was considered acceptable for the facility afforded. Painting of the hall had now been completed to a very high standard
7. PARISH LENGTHSMEN: The work of the WCC Parish Lengthsmen was discussed, communication with the force considered to be unsatisfactory.
8. BEST KEPT VILLAGE COMPETITION: It was agreed to enter this year. A date for a village tidy to be announced later.
9. GRANTS: £50 was awarded to North Wiltshire Citizens' Advice Bureau.
10. CHANGES TO ELECTORAL WARDS: The council will not support the proposed change to link Castle Combe with the parish of Chippenham Without.
11. NWDC PLANNING TRAINING COURSE: Councillors Bishop, Winup, Knights, Ruggles and Clegg agreed to attend on 19th April at 6.30 pm.
12. AFFORDABLE HOUSING: The presentation by Westlea Housing was discussed, doubts being raised as to the local demand figures obtained from a survey in 2005. It was agreed to question these with Community First and to inform Westlea Housing of the council's concerns as to the requirement for the scheme.
13. VILLAGE STREET SIGNS: The possibility of erecting street name signs to ensure the traditional
names were not lost was discussed. Cost and administrative problems were considered too great, but investigations would be undertaken.
14. A Whitegates resident Carley Batten brought attention to the disrepair of the bus shelter. She proposed an adult supervised childrens' working party in the school holidays to carry out the repairs. Council were enthusiastically in favour, undertaking the necessary funding.

PLEASE NOTE :- The Annual Parish Meeting will be on Thursday 25th May at 7.00 p.m. in the village hall. Refreshments will be provided. It will be followed by the Parish Council A.G.M.

The chairman welcomed the new District Councillor for the Nettleton Ward - Cllr Sherry Meadows

1. The next NWDC Area Committee Meeting is at Monkton Park on 6th February, chairman and councilor will attend.
2. A report was presented on meeting between WCC Highways officers, chairman and vice chairman, to discuss failings in surface dressing of the road through the village. WCC agreed to attend to deficiences and collection of loose chippings. At request of parish council WCC are to consider 'gateways' at speed limit points on B 4039 and on C 151. Also to place chevrons at crossroads in Upper Combe..
3. Consideration was gjven to a report from Graham Harris WCC re pedestrian safety on road from the car park to the lower village. The proposals were rejected as not viable.
4. The next visit of the Parish lengthsmen wi1l be on 7th February. Work allocated is dearance of mud from road verges, removal of debris covering surface drains and cutting back of vegetation from Utter bins.
5. NWDC Conservation Team will be asked to consider enhancement work in Upper Combe, Involving the 'undergrounding of.overhead cables.
6. It was noted te planning application for seven houses on the Old Dairy site had been refused by NWDC. 
7. Representing the interests of Castle Combe Cricket Club, Rod Pratt reported on relationships between his club and the Castle Combe Colts Football Team. Cllr Mackelden reported on his involvement in this process. He was thanked for his work in this matter.
8. Cllr Winup presented a village hall update. Internal decorating to take place shortly.
9. The PC Budget for 2006 was considered, and precept set at £4,250.
10. A letter received from Shaun Ryan in reply to the PCs request for removal of the skip from the road near 'Gates' was read to the councillors. It was noted that removal may take place on January 20th.
11. Filming of a 'big screen' produdion is likely in early May. This will be in the lower village and may last for a week.
12. A repeat of the 2004 'Pop Concert' by the Market Cross is proposed for the second Bank Holiday Suriday in May.
13. A meeting will be held shortly in the village hall by the organizers to define their programme.
14. A small sub committee headed by aIr Winup will be formed to consider making Castle Combe an environmentally friendly village.

1. The content of a letter from WCC Assistant Director of Highway Services was considered in respect of the PC's complaints of unsatisfactory recent re-surfacing and other road works in the village. An on site meeting with the service providers concerned will be arranged to address the problems.
2. In response to the PC's on-going efforts to improve road safety on the B 4039, WCC has agreed the installation of 'gateways' into the 40 mph limits and, in addition, a chevron marker at the Upper Combe cross roads.
3. A report was received on the recent scheduled liaison meeting with the Racing Circuit management. The PC agreed the inclusion of advance notice in the village newsletter of items which could have an effect on the local roads, and which would be of general interest. The Circuit notified its intention to submit a planning application for a training centre for motor racing engineering students.
4. Traffic Calming in the parish: A promised meeting with WCC has not materialized, County Councilor Jane Scott is to chase.
5. It was noted that license applications for the consumption of alcohol have not yet been submitted to NWDC by The Salutation and the Manor House.
6.  Following the PC's request for vehicles not to be parked on the pavement at Upper Combe crossroads an improvement was noted. This now appears to have been short lived, and it was resolved that an informal approach would be made to the parties concerned.
7. Planning Applications. NWDC has agreed to a wood recycling centre at East Combe Farm.
8. Consideration was given to the NWDC Statement of Community Involvement. .
9. Aspects of the pc's lease of the sports field to the Castle Combe Colts FC were discussed. It was agreed to write to the Cricket Club re their obligations.
10. Proposed Pop Concert. The PC agreed a tacit approval for a repeat of the event which was held around the Market Cross in May 2004. The proposed date to be Spring Bank Holiday 2006.
11. Safety reports for the two village play areas from ROSPA were generally satisfactory. Points which arose will be or have already been addressed.
12. Councilors Bishop and Winup will attend the NWDC Area Committee Meeting on 5th December. The imposition of charges for the village car park will be raised.
13. A request to film in the village for approximately one week in March 2006 has been received. Further information is awaited.
14. It was agreed that the PC would in future lay a wreath at the war memorial on Remembrance Day.

Prior to the meeting an open discussion took place during which the speed of traffic through the village and illegal parking was considered. It was agreed for the parish council to investigate all methods of bringing to the attention of vehicle drivers the necessity for reducing their speed in the village streets. P C Budd who attended the meeting, was consulted and made aware of the obstruction to the service bus caused by illegal parking.

1. WCC advise the re-painting of the road centre line marking at the Upper Village crossroads has been listed for implementation in the near future.
2. WCC is investigating methods of improving safety at the BiddestDne crossroads
3. Refurbishment work at the village toilets by NWDC is now complete.
4. It was noted that Castle Combe Circuit has lodged an appeal against the NWDC Noise Abatement Order; the hearing will be at Swindon Crown Court at a date to be notified.
5. Mr B Harvey of Rose Cottage, Upper Combe expressed concerns re a letter from the parish council drawing his attention to the parking of vehides outside his property. The chairman apologized for any distress caused by the letter, but pointed out the traffic safety hazard caused by the obstruction to view by parked vehicles. 
6. NWDC is investigating the provision of 'bird proof litter bins by the Town Bridge.
7. A letter from Richard Watkins was noted, announcing his resignation from NWDC as the district councilor for Nettleton Ward..
8. Cllr Mackelden informed the council of his attendance at a recent meeting with the Castle Combe Colts and the Cricket Club. Matters raised included payment of insurance of the sports pavilion and the annual ground rent; also the early removal of the Portakabin.
9. The WCC Parish Lengthmen's visit to the village is scheduled for 21/22 September. Their work allocation is clearance of weeds from gullies at Whitegates.

1. The minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on 24th May were approved with minor corrections as requested by District Councillor R Watkins. 
2. Replacement of the name plaques on the war memorial has now been completed. A grant of £500 towards the work was received from The War Memorial Trust 
3. Resurfacing of Summer lane is completed, WCC have been sent a letter of appreciation. 
4. Repainting and maintenance work on the village toilets by NWDC has been completed. 
5. It was noted that a wall in Upper Combe had been demolished by collision of a vehicle immediately following the installation of new road signs intended to prevent such events. 
6. Clearance of the golf course footpath has been agreed by the manager of The Manor House. 
7. An attempt to convince NWOC not to impose parking charges at Dunn's Lane car park has been unsuccessful. At a meeting with the Leader of NWOC it was confirmed that the charges will come into force in September 2005. 
8. Repeated requests to the CC Cricket Club to remove a derelict portacabin from the sports field have gone unheeded. If there is no response following a further request, sanctions will imposed upon usage of the field by the cricket club. . 
9. The parish council has been represented by the Chainnan at the hearing in the Magistrates' Court of the appeal by Castle Combe Circuit against the Noise Abatement Order served on them by NWDC. 
10. A meeting will be held by the Chainnan with Cllr Jane ~ Leader of WCC, and highway officers to discuss traffic calming measures for the upper and lower village. 
11. An extensive coverage of the responsibilities of the parish council re the TV relay system in the lower village was undertaken in conjunction with a representative of the TV Management Committee, who will consider the proposals made. 
12. In response to concems expressed to the parish council in regard to road safety and car parking on the pavement outside Rose Cottage in Upper Combe, it was resolved to bring these concems to the attention of the residents of the premises. 
13. Due to birds scattering the contents of open top litter bins near the Bybrook, NWDC are to be asked to provide covered bins. 

1. War Memorial- the replacement name plaques are in place, some further restoration work may be necessary. 
2. Village Hall - tiling work on the storeroom floor has been completed.
3. NWDC Area Committee - next meeting 11th April, chairman and Clr Ruggles to attend
4. Upper Combe X Roads - WCC anticipate new warning signs to be installed in May
5. Whitegates - the Golf club has cut back the boundary hedge as requested.
6. Racing Circuit - an appeal has been lodged by The Circuit against the Noise abatement Order served by NWDC. It is anticipated that a Magistrates hearing will be held on 5th April, the chairman to attend. 
7. Charitable Donations - Agreed to Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Chemobyl Children.
8. Winner of Winners Best Kept Village Competition - agreed to enter, A village tidy to be held in June, date to be confirmed later.
9. Speed Limit The Gib - WCC inform limit to be changed from 40 to 30 m.p.h.
10. Sports Field Upper Combe - a report had been received re the litter and general state of the field. A letter to be sent to the Colts Fc secretary, requesting attention to the matter and calling for a dean up.

THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING WILL BE ON THURSDAY 19TH MAY AT 7.15 p.m. IN THE VILLAGE HALL - This is the parishioners annual meeting for you to 'have your say' - please put this date in your diary and make every effort to attend. It will be followed by the Parish Council AGM.


The meeting was attended by Carol Southall, Rural Housing Enabler - Community First, and Jo Potter, Housing Officer, North Wiltshire District Council. Ms Southall explained the procedures for an assessment of need for affordable housing in the village. Such an assessment will be carried out in the next few months.

1. It is proving difficult to obtain appropriate stone for restoration work on the war memorial; the contractor is hopeful this may be resolved by the end of January.
2. The next NWDC Area Committee Meeting is on 21st February at 7.00 p.m. Cllr Winup agreed to accompany the chairman.
3. With County CUr Scott in attendance, various highway matters were discussed:
(a) A complaint had been received re flooding of the Class C road from B 4039 to Summer Lane. A site meeting will be arranged with a highway engineer.
(b) A revised signage scheme for the X roads in UpperCombe to improve safety has been agreed with WCC, but implementation is dependant on allocation of funding in the 2005/6 budget.
(c)The accident black spot on the A 420 at Biddestone X roads was again raised with Cllr Scott. She was unable to offer any further road work improvements at this time, but suggested the solution may be to install traffic lights. Funding of such is unlikely in the immediate future. .
4. The problem of excessive condensation in the village public toilets was discussed. Chairman will raise this with NWDC, together with promised repainting work
5. Chairman felt liaison between the Manor House Hotel and Golf Club had declined. He and CUr Winup will arrange a meeting with the managers.
6. It was agreed to accept an invitation to take part in an Emergency Planning Exercise later in the year. Clerk to confirm date.
7. Applications from the public to view parish council files under the Freedom of Information Act will only incur a charge if excessive time is involved.
8. Listed Building Consent Application - Upper Manor. The council was concerned that ronsiderable work had been undet:aken prior to this application for listed building consent. Planning Application - Workshop Gibb Cottages. The council considered this application to be in accordance with the Local Plan policies.
9. It was agreed the Parish Council precept to remain at £4000 for 2005/6.
10. The Chainnan has sent a letter of objection to NWDC regarding the proposed imposition of charges in the Dunns lane Car and Coach Park. He has also raised the matter with District Cllr Watkins and James Gray MP, both of whom have supported the pc's objection. A meeting with NWDC has been requested.
11. The Clerk will write to Wessex Water for infonnation on the alleged abstraction of water fro!11 the aquifer by a pumping station near Sherston.


1. It had been hoped that the replacement name plaques would have been in place on the war memorial in time for the Remembrance Day service. The contractor has been unable to obtain the requirea stone from his supplier, but is pursuing other sources.
2. In respect of a cheque drawn on the village hall account and wrongly dishonoured by Bardays Bank Cllr Winup negotiated a recompense from the bank of £500. This he has donated to va.rious charities and £100 to the village hall. He was thanked for the success of his action.
3. The next NWDC Area Committee meeting is on 13th December, chairman and Cllr degg to attend.
4. Proposals by WCC Highways for improved signage to reduce accidents at the Upper Combe cross roads were accepted, the parish council to offer £500 as partnership funding.
5. Thanks were extended to the councilors, wives and partners who provided the bounteous buffet on the occasion of the Best Kept Village Winner of Winners presentation.
6. Refurbishment work on the public toilets by NWDC is being held over until the New Year.
7. The golf club management has agreed to undertake cutting back of the boundary hedge at Whitegates. 
8. Support will be given to the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Upper and Lower Combe.



The short presentation "Housing Needs Survey" to be given by Jo Sterling of NWDC could not be presented due to Illness in her family .She will attend at a future date. 
1. Councillor Elaine Clegg was welcomed as a Member of The Council. 
2. The proposed NWDC Phase 3 village enhancement is now unlikely to take place due to lack of funds. This work would have been to "underground" some overhead wires. 
3. Replacement name plaques for the War Memorial are on order, the work hopefully to be completed before November 11th. 
4. Refurbishment work to the village hall kitchen is now complete. The hall committee was commended for the expedience and success of the project. 
5. Efforts by the council to pursue various road safety issues with the Highways Authority, including better signing of Upper Combe comer, have made little positive progress, but are on-going. 
6. Approaches have been made to NWDC for maintenance and upgrading work on the public toilets. At a meeting with officers from NWDC, a programme of external painting was agreed, together with other improvements. Hopefully, a request for £10,000 in the 2005 NWDC budget to carry out a complete refurbishment will be successful. Grateful thanks were extended to Clive Halliday, a village resident and an officer of NWDC, who has, on his own initiative, entirely re painted the interior woodwork and ceilings. Wessex Water is investigating suppression of smells from their pumping station at the toilets. 
7. The council considered a planning application from Castle Combe Racing Circuit for an additional Sunday race day to hold a Touring Car Championship event. A member of the public pointed out that the two Sundays granted previously for the TCC had been utilized for other events, and this was an escalation of Sunday activities. An objection to the proposal will be made to the planning authority, as being contrary to policies in the Local Plan. 
8. The Manor House Hotel & Golf Club will be approached re condition of staff houses on Whitegates and hedge cutting . 
9. The chairman reported attending a meeting of Energy 21, at which a group was formed to support the proposed siting of two wind turbines on land at East Combe Farm. 
10. A verbal reply has been received in response to the council's letter to the Wilts Constabulary re the difficulty of contacting Chippenham Police Station by 'phone. All calls to Chippenharn Police Station are routed to a call centre in Devizes which apparently is unable to handle all calls due to various problems. Hope was expressed that things will get better!

Next meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday l8th November 2004 at 7.30 p.m. P.C. Budd, Community Police OffICer may attend to give a presentation and answer questions. Should he attend, the meeting will be at 7p.m. Watch notice boards.


1. In view of the grant of £500 from the Friends of War Memorials, it was agreed to initiate the work to replace the name plaques on the Memorial. 
2. Cllr Winup reported a delay of two weeks to the delivery of the new kitchen units, due to the carrier's vehicle being too big to access the village. The new cooker has been delivered. 
3. At the last NWDC Area Committee the decriminalization of parking offences was discussed. NWDC will be taking responsibility for enforcement in 18 months. 
4. A plan showing revised signing to give motorists warning of the Upper Combe sharp bend has been received from WCC. The proposals were rejected as useless. The chairman is in contact with WCC to agree a more suitable scheme. 
5. Cllr Knights informed the Members he was not pursuing his proposal for a Boules pitch in the village. 
6. The council's 2003/4 Accounts were formally approved. 
7. It was agreed to invite an officer from NWDC to speak on affordable housing at the next meeting. 
8. Following a discussion on planting of aquatic species to visually enhance the ByBrook, Cllr Halliday undertook to investigate and report. 
9. No applications have been received by NWDC for the council vacancy. The vacancy will now be filled by co- option. 
10. The chairman reported having attended the opening ceremony for the new Castle Combe Colts sports pavilion and cutting the tape. He expressed his admiration for the determination of the team responsible for such a 
high quality facility, which permitted literally hundreds of youngsters to play football. Cllr Mackelden accepted acting as liaison between the club and the council. 
11. Methods of making the public toilets more user-friendly and attractive to visitors were discussed. NWDC wIll be approached for their consideration of this. 
12. On behalf of the council, Cllr Winup congratulated the chairman on his recent award of the M.B.E. Next meeting of the council -Thursday 23rd September 2004 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. 
Please note -the start time may be 7.15 p.m. if there is an outside body speaker. See notice boards.


Attended by 9 parishioners & air Mrs Scott (Wiltshire County Councillor) Apologies air R Watkins (NWDC Councillor) 

1. In his annual report the Chairman air Adrian Bishop congratulated those parishioners who had lately been blessed by a visit from the stork. It was satisfying to have again won the Best Kept Village Award in 2003, and for this year the village is entered in the Winner of Winners Competition. Judging will take place in early June, and a village tidy is to take place on Friday June 4tn. Improvements to the village environment have included attention to the upper village bus shelter surround and relaying of the war memorial path. The proposed planting to make the area around the toilets more attractive is scheduled within the next two weeks. Considerable improvements to the village hall include: disabled toilet facilities, re-roofing of the kitchen and re- covering of all the chairs. A complete refurbishment of the kitchen is being considered. For all this work, thanks are extended to the hall committee members. Council members took part in a simulated emergency situation exercise during the winter, valuable lessons being learned. Highway matters, including road safety at Upper Combe cross roads, speeding and illegal parking were covered at length. It was disappointing that the promised police action in regard to speed monitoring and parking had not taken place. As notified in the village newsletter, a service offered by the Wilts Fire Service to visit homes to give advice on fire prevention has had a poor response with only three acceptances. This is very disappointing in view of the tragic fire last year. Villagers are urged to take advantage of the Thursday Post Office in the village hall. Cllr Dowell was thanked for all his efforts in resolution of the lease for use of the playing field by Castle Combe Colts. In view of his decision to resign from the parish council, his service to the village over many years was acknowledged with thanks. Finally all members of the council were thanked for their support during the past year . 
2. A detailed report on the village hall by Gareth Hare covered the extensive improvement work carried out during the past year, namely toilet facilities for the disabled, re-roofing of the kitchen, re-covering of the chairs and other work. A complete refurbishment of the kitchen is also proposed. 
3. Gareth Hare and Tim Boucher reported on the lower village TV relay system. Digital TV reception is now available, and to try this out a set top box can be borrowed from Gareth. The age of the system is now showing and considerable expense will be incurred in the works required. During that period the system will have to be shut down, but due notice of this will be given. 
4 In the Open Forum a discussion took place on the introduction by NWDC of rubbish disposal in the village by wheeled bins. This subject is covered at length as a separate item in the newsletter. Walter Prior reported 
that the new chain link fence between his land and Whitegates had been erected to keep cattle from straying on to the estate gardens. 

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman for 2004/5. air Adrian Bishop and Cllr Fred Winup duly elected. 
2. Enhancement work involving the planting of shrubs in front of the toilets will take place within the next two weeks. 
3. Mr H Strawford, Chairman of Castle Combe Racing circuit was thanked for the sponsorship of new notice boards at Whitegates and Upper Combe. 
4. Work to replace the name plaques on the war memorial is in abeyance pending the possibility of a grant from English Heritage. If no grant is forthcoming the costs may have to be met from the William Prior Fund. 
5. The resurfacing of Summer Lane with scalpings is complete, but Cllr Scott was asked for WCC Highways to consider the poor state of the tarmac surface at the Gibb end. 
6. Negotiations with WCC Highways in respect of road safety measures at Upper Combe crossroads are being progressed by the aerk to the Council. 
7. No reply has been received from the White Hart licensees in regard to the lights attached to the listed building. It was noted that these are not now in use, but was agreed that a further letter be sent reiterating the necessity for listed building consent. 
8. Cllr Scott reported that WCC Highways will be reviewing all aspects of road safety along the A 420 between Ford and Biddestone cross roads. 
9. Consideration was given to the cost of the proposed improvements to the village hall kitchen facilities. 
10. A discussion took place on provision of a bou/es pitch adjacent to the village hall children's play area. The Manor House Hotel management is to be approached re provision of a possible alternative site. 
11. It was noted that a Japanese travel organisation had indicated an intention to film in the village during June, but there had been no official notification. 

The Parish Council will next meet on Thursday 22nd July at 7.30 p.m.

12 parishioners attended. 

Also in attendance -Inspector K Bagnall of the Wiltshire Police. Prior to the meeting he presented a review of the level of criminal activity in the village and took note of the various concerns raised by parishioners. These included communication with the police, the level of rural policing and vehicle parking and speeding in the village. 

1. District Councillor Watkins reported on the lack of action by NWDC in regard to the enhancement work at the village toilets. He was unable to offer a date for completion, and the council will write to express their concern. 
2. English Heritage has deferred the council's grant application for restoration work to the war memorial pending new estimates of cost. 
3. Cllr Winup was pleased to report the re-roofing of the village hall kitchen has been completed. 
4. Cllr Jane Halliday will attend the NWDC Area Committee meeting on 19th April, together with the chairman. 
5. The vandalised Summer Lane barriers have now been replaced. 
6. Information is still awaited from WCC re the proposed chevrons to mark the crossroads bend at Upper Combe. 
7. NWDC is to remove the iron bar from the play area at Whitegates. 
8. The provision of wheeled rubbish bins for the village by NWDC has been delayed until later in the year. Prior to provision, each household will be assessed for suitability . 
9. The clerk will write to the White Hart requesting removal of the Christmas lights from the front of the listed building. 
10. Under the sponsorship of Anne Chapman, the charity Chernobyl Children Life Line recently brought a group of Russian children affected by nuclear fallout to the village hall for a day of health improvement activity. A donation of £100 was agreed to be donated to this very worthy cause. 
11. Cllr Stan Knights reported the sighting of mink in the ByBrook. Traps are to be set by Wiltshire Wildlife. 
Please note -the Annual Parish Meeting is on Thursday 20th May at 7.15 D.m. in the Village Hall This is your meeting -Please try to attend refreshments will be Provided It will be followed by the Parish Council A.G.M.


Attended by two parishioners 
1. As District Councillor Watkins was not present, no information was available re the proposed planting of shrubs in front of the public toilets. 
2. The restoration work at the Upper Village bus shelter is now completed. 
3. New notice boards on Whitegates and at Upper Combe now in place. Clerk to send invoice to Mr Strawford. Sponsorship notices to be made and fitted. 
4. The War Memorial paving is complete. Grant applications for the restoration work of the name plaques have been submitted. 
5. Cllr Winup reported on the installation of disabled toilet facilities in the village hall. This work is now finished very satisfactorily. Cllr Winup, Cllr Ruggles and Julie Hare were thanked for their efforts. Estimates have been obtained for re surfacing of the kitchen roof, a grant application has been submitted. Any works not to be started until confirmation of grant. Possible internal improvements to the kitchen facilities this year with financial aid from the PC. 
6. Cllrs Bishop and Knights will attend NWSC Area Committee meeting on Feb 9th. 
7. It was noted that the barriers on Summer Lane have been destroyed by 4 x 4 vehicle owners. WCC will replace pending re-surfacing work. 
8. The clerk reported his discussions with WCC Highways concerning proposed speed limits along the B 4039, also in respect of improved safety at the Upper Combe cross roads. In view of the unsatisfactory response on the latter item the Chairman will attempt a meeting with the local highway engineer. 
9. After consideration of the proposed council budget for 2004/5, the precept for 2004 was agreed at £4,000. 
10. No reply having been received from CC Golf Club in response to the PC letter concerning clearance of the school to lower village footpath, the chairman will speak to the golf club manager. 
11. It was agreed to request ROSPA to assess both play areas re disability access. 
12. An application for change of licencees at the Manor House Hotel was noted. Mr Martin CIubbe, who is leaving his post as general manager, is to be replaced by Mr Paul Thompson.



Two members of the public and NWD Councillor R Watkins attended.

1. Cllr Watkins reported the planting for enhancement of the area around the public toilets by NWDC was in abeyance while ownership of the land was determined. 
2. Cllr Dowell reported that the tenancy agreement with the Castle Combe Colts football team for the playing field has now been signed. 
3. The contractor for paving the area around the bus shelter and relaying the war memorial path has not yet commenced the works as scheduled. Reason to be investigated by chairman. 
4. New notice boards for Upper Combe and Whitegates now completed but awaiting installation. 
5. The chairman reported his difficulties in obtaining the three estimates necessary for a grant to reinstate the name panels on the war memorial. 
6. Cllr Winup was congratulated on his success in obtaining a grant of £3000 from Barclays Bank for installation of disabled toilets in the village hall. He reported action being initiated to update the kitchen facilities Cllr Ruggles to assess cost of repair work to kitchen roof. 
7. The exercise scenario set by WCC in October to test the village emergency plan was considered to be a success, with a number of lessons learned. 
8. A long discussion took place re road safety and illegal parking in the village. It was noted that yet another accident had occurred on the sharp bend in Upper Combe. A resolution was made to request WCC Highways to install chevrons. A letter had been sent to the occupier of Rose Cottage to desist from causing a dangerous obstruction to vision by parking vehicles on the grass verge outside the property. In spite of this request for co-operation the parking still continues. Further action is being considered. Illegal parking in the Lower Village is a matter for concern. A further consultation with the police will take place. 
9. The presentation of the Best Kept Village awards by the Lord Lieutenant and Local Authority chairmen took place on 8th October. Thanks were extended to the proprietors of the Castle Hotel for providing a venue and refreshments for the guests. Unfortunately the celebratory event held in the village hall for residents was not well supported. 
10. Replacement of the seat in the village pound will be by parish council DIY. 
11. During a recent safety inspection, both childrens' play areas were Considered to be satisfactory. 
12. Concern has been registered by Whitegates residents regarding the removal of a chestnut tree, said to be unsafe, by NWDC. The PC will request a replacement be planted.



Prior to the meeting the council heard an explanatory talk in regard to his function from Mr Ed Brand, the Wiltshire County Council Community Planner Chippenham Area.

1. The chairman welcomed Cllr John Mackelden, co-opted to the council. 
2. Completion of building on the new sports pavilion was noted, Cllr Dowell being thanked for his part in the success of the project. 
3. Consideration was given to restoration of the names on the war memorial. Quotes for the work to be obtained. 
4. Installation of a disabled persons' toilet in the village hall will be undertaken early in 2004. 
5. The chairman and Cllr Ruggles will attend the NWOC Area Committee meeting on 13th October. 
6. With refurbishment of the parking restriction yellow lines now completed. PC West and Traffic Warden Wolstenholm to be notified to take action against illegal parking in the village. 
7. The presentation of the Best Kept Village Award will take place at 3 pm on Sunday 5th October at the village pump alongside the B 4039 in Upper Combe. Due to unavailability of the village hall, the Castle Hotel has kindly offered to host refreshments for the official guests. To celebrate the winning of the award, all residents will be invited to a drinks party in the village hall on Friday loth October at 7.30 pm. 
8. It was noted that yet another motor accident had occurred at the X-roads in Upper Combe. WCC Highways to be contacted to action preventative measures.




Agenda for 25th Nov 2010

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