Alphabet Alliteration Poems

Alphabet alliiteration poems makes us.......
dance around with joy:)
and..... play around   :)    
go crazy!!!!!!
write a cool poem$

Awesome Allie ate apples

Brilliant Babies buy bananas

Colorful chameleons change colors

Droopy dogs dig dirt

Excellent elephants eat eggs

Funny friends find fossils

Great grandmas grow gardens

Hilarious Hilary held her hat

Intelligent igloo Inuits iron ice

Jumping jokers juggle jugs

Kind kings kick kangaroos

Lovely Lacey likes lots of lemurs

Marvelous Molly makes milkshakes

Noisy Noah nibbles nuts

Outstanding octopus ate Oreos

Purple porcupines play with pencils

Quiet Quarry quickly gets quiet

Rough Rufus rides roller skates

Stinky stars stands on stables

Tough Tommy tells Timmy to talk

Understanding us is a U-turn

Vicious likes to play volleyball

Wonderful Wal-Mart sold Whiskers

X-ray play xylophones

Yellow Yox Yo-Yoed yesterday

          Zipping zebra zipped zippers