March 2017 Community Meeting


As ESA is no longer considering CASTAway for the M5 call, we have decided to postpone this meeting until a later date. Once we received feedback from ESA on the reasons why they assessed CASTAway as not technically feasible within the budget of the M5 call, we will host another meeting as we plan a future version of the proposal.


We will hold a second community meeting on March 8th, 2017, at the Open University (Milton Keynes). This workshop will include discussion of possibilities with cubesat probes released by CASTAway in the asteroid belt.

We will present details on the plans and opportunities for community involvement. We invite contributions from the broader planetary science / astronomy community on:
  • additional uses of a telescope located in the asteroid belt
  • ideas / technology for potential cubesat investigations in the asteroid belt
  • other related comet/asteroid topics relevant to CASTAway's science or technology
This meeting will specifically include a workshop on cubesat investigations at small bodies, for example following on from the ESA AIM/COPINS studies, or other concepts which could use CASTAway as a launcher and communications relay. Release of cubesat probes at flybys is under consideration as an 'optional extra' for CASTAway, on the assumption that there will be available mass margin as the launcher performance becomes better known during phase A study, and this workshop will begin a discussion on what experiments could be possible with these cubesats.

Please register for the meeting by the 15th of February.

A full schedule for the meeting will appear here after the registration deadline.

Contact for questions on logistics.