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It all started in the fifth grade with those accordion lessons.  I now play organ, piano and keyboards.  Grandma got me an apprenticeship with our parish organist which started my career as a liturgical musician - that was 1966.  In 1967 and 68 I became the full-time organist at my parish while I was still in high school.  Then in 1972 I took on what I thought was a short-term, part-time position as organist at my new parish.  Today, I'm still music director, choirmaster and organist at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Also around 1965, my interest in music drove me to form my very first band,  The Four Dimensions.  Wow, were we ever great - yeah, right.  But we were good enough to play some high school dances and start what later turned into a successful trio called The Music Express.  Throughout the 70s and 80s we were very busy in the one-nighter scene Downriver.  When the trio disbanded, there were a few lean years until I teamed up with another friend and formed Token - a tight trio of keyboards, guitar and sax with loads of harmony.  We played everything from swing to oldies, classic rock, easy listening and contemporary country. 


Lately, as the live music scene has changed I have moved into solo work.  It could be an intimate  gathering of 30 or a large reception   of 300.  Maybe it's an afternoon business meeting, anniversary, retirement community or nursing facility.  The event could require solo piano or maybe full keyboards and vocals with harmony.  With the latest in music technology available to me, I can sound like a larger band and can even add some DJ music to the mix, if needed.  This is a great option for those on a budget looking for outstanding music for a special occasion.  I  call it - 
cassp-n-music: For the Young at Heart!

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