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Giuseppe Capaldi and his Wife Maria Giuseppa Tedesco emmigrated from San Michele, Cassino in 1890 to Bristol, UK.
Giuseppe worked on his Fathers farm before leaving Italy, and when he came to Bristol he was a Travelling Musician.
When they lived in Edinburgh and Dublin, Giuseppe's Profession was a Confectioner & Restaurateur.
No matter where they travelled to live, it was always in the Italian Community part of the Cities.
Some of Giuseppe's Siblings and Cousins also emmigrated to the UK to find a better way of life.
During WWII, the Abbey of Monte Cassino suffered severe bombing and most of the records it held were destroyed.
Most of the records before 1864 seemed to be ok and available to view from LDS microfilms. There were reconstructed records for those who stayed in and around Cassino after the War, and also
from people who gave their knowledge to reconstruct films between 1864 - 1900.
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Cassino is a commune in the province of Frosinone. It has several Village's in its Frazione. Cassino is located between Rome and Naples, and before 1860 was known as San Germano. There were many Italian Immigrants who fled this part of the Country to the UK, USA, Canada and many other places from the late 19th Century.
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