What do you get if you take two curious sisters, and plunge them into an alternate universe beyond the Bermuda Triangle where they encounter a new age paradise filled with delightful experiences, eccentric sights, thrilling adventures, and evil twins bent on dominating two worlds? Welcome to Cassie and Chloe's Captivating Crystal Crawlspace Chronicles. Join the sisters and their companion pets Moondoggie and Pierre as they experience among other things : the Pavillion of Delights, a thought replicating Golden Mirror, a floating Garden of Beauty, an incredible carousel of aging, and a magical library capable of transporting readers into the stories. Discover the Legend of the Rose Quartz Thirteen and find out if the girls ever find their way home. If you loved Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy in Oz,and the Harry Potter series you won't want to miss this adventure!



The adventures continue as the Mikenney sisters join their movie star mother in Florida where she’s filming a movie based on the life of a Robin Hood-esque lady Pirate known as Duchess Goldie. While staying at a hotel in the charming resort area of Sanibel, in order to help a family in trouble, Cassie and Chloe and Carlita become involved in a search for a hidden treasure. Along the way, the Mikenney family members face danger and sabotage from a high school rival of their hotelier friend. Aside from the excitement of being involved in an action adventure film, the sisters and their parents encounter a ghostly mermaid, a haunted lighthouse, clues to a hidden fortune, and a secret underwater complex where mysterious and bizarre experiments are taking place. Wherever the sisters go, adventure surely follows. You won’t want to miss the next installment in the Cassie and Chloe adventure series: Cassie and Chloe’s Captiva Cutlass Criminal Caper .


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Cassie and Chloe’s Curse of the Cryptic Colchester Cannon Chateau


Deep in the heart of sunny Northern California there lies a mysterious and spooky multi-roomed Mansion. This Mansion’s aura speaks of ghosts, brilliance, loneliness, eccentricity, construction, madness, heartbreak, midnight séances, and something else altogether.

 Glamorous actress, Carlita Mikenney, has taken on another incredible film role. She has come to the Silicon Valley to immerse herself in the history and atmosphere of the character she’s been selected to portray.

 Accompanying their movie star mom on location, sisters Cassie and Chloe Mikenney once again encounter adventure, excitement, mystery, and more, as they risk their lives on an ultimately bizarre excursion to an unimaginable location.

 Learn all about the courageous, kooky, ingenious, plucky, and inscrutable billionaire Colchester Cannon widow. Discover her bizarre rituals, brilliant creations, and best kept secrets.

 Tag along with the sisters and their pets, Moondoggie, and Pierre, as they become involved in yet another incredible, esoteric journey. Join them on their quest, and witness the shocking discoveries they encounter along the way.


If you enjoyed Cassie and Chloe’s Captivating Crystal Crawlspace Chronicles, and the Captiva Cutlass Criminal Caper, you’ll surely enjoy the sisters’ latest wild adventure!