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Hello adventure lovers. You've come to the right place for fun loving readers of all ages who seek excitement, fantasy, new age science fiction, and magical new imaginings. Join us here and discover things you never imagined possible.  Sisters Cassie and Chloe Mikenney are the stars of a series of adventure, fantasy, new-age magical books for youngsters and anyone else who is young at  heart. Along with their companion pets Moondoggie (their Pomeranian pup), and Pierre (the girls' cute kitty), the sisters  encounter one adventure after another as they follow their movie star Mom - Carlita - (and their dad steven) around the globe,  and sometimes into other worlds as well. We hope you will encounter things on this site to enhance your reading experiences of  this series of books, and surprise you as well.  as you navigate through the pages, remember if a link won't open you can always come back to the main page by clicking on the Blue header on top which says: 

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