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Zombie Hand How-To

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I've been making zombie arms from wire, masking tape, cotton and carpet latex. Below are some photos of works in progress. I still need to stain them a more realistic color.

The process is shown in the Zombie Hands how-to section.

In the first pic, you can see the wire armature wrapped with masking tape. I had just begun applying the cotton and latex...


Adding more cotton and latex...




People crack up when they come into our home and see our zombie arms drying in our dining room...



UPDATE 5/09/07 

I have found that the redwood minwax stain makes the zombie arms look like they've been roasted or bbq'd so I tried airbrushing them with Createx Light Brown and they  came out great! I'm much happier with the airbrushed version. Pics to follow:



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