2006 PICS


2005 Pics 


Tombstone Applique How-To 



Zombie Hand How-To

Zombie Arms 

Baby Corpse How-To 

 I'm afraid that we didn't get many pics the night of 2006 because we were just so busy haunting and fielding questions.

Again, our neighbors all came by for questions and pics. We managed to spook a few of them as well mwahahahahaha.

This year, we had many people helping out so we had spooks everywhere. I can still hear the screams!

If it hadn't been for a really nice neighbor across the street, we would have had no pics at all. She took these images as we were setting up before dusk.

New equipment/props added this year:

  • 2 large black lights
  • Strobe light 
  • 6 foot spider web
  • Crawling zombie torso
  • Chest ripper zombie
  • 2 airblown inflatables
  • Full sized guillotine 
  • Smoking cauldron  
  • Stocks with skeleton shackled
  • Wooden tombstones
  • Hanging Skeleton dressed as a trick or treater
  • Several animated ghosts and ghouls 


Here are some of the Boo Crew..Zombie Frankie, Gargoyle Hubby, Witch Shannon, Demon Rook and Death (me!)...

  My sister, her daughter and my hubby...

 Me and hubby on the porch...

 Skeleton shackled to our cannon...


Hanged trick or treater...(note the faces on the tree trunk)

 Setting up. That big web got covered with glow in the dark webbing and was bottom lit with a black light. It glowed like hell and got tons of comments!


Setting up the other side of the porch...


Working on the web...


Our inflatables and crawling zombie (under truckgate)

 Our Halloween trophy...one child was so scared that she dropped her witches hat and never came back for it!