2005 Pics



2006 Pics


Tombstone Applique How-To  



Zombie Hand How-To

Zombie Arms 

Baby Corpse How-To 

We're sorry that the pics came out so dark. Our camera sucks but we're hoping to do much better in 2007.

This was our first year in our new home so it was just hubby and me. The props for 2005 were:

  • Life like skeleton
  • Real coffin with another skeleton in it
  • Two fog machines
  • Hard Foam Reaper 
  • Candles

As  you can tell, it was quite limited but we still managed to scare the crap out of the kids and had much fun doing so!

Hubby Hiding behind the ramp. We lined the side of the railing with a role of weedblock so they couldn't see him back there.

Our ever-popular coffin.