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Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. So much so that our wedding was held at midnight on Halloween 1993 following a huge costume ball.

Halloween is our favorite holiday/time of year and we love to haunt the kiddies on that evening. We work all year long planing and building. Each year we add more props and move things around so that none of our victims know what to expect on the next big night.

The excitement begins in the hours before sunset when we put up/out our final surprise props. Neighbors gather in our yard to take pictures and ask questions. It really cracks us up. We never expected such warm receptions or expectations. We just humbly worked it up bit by bit, year by year just for the fun of it.

I sware, if we decide to just blow it off one year, hundreds of people would wonder and worry why.

It's so funny how much the neighborhood loves what we do and it's crazy that parents physically carry and drag their little kids kicking and screaming up onto our porch!

We try to be gentle with the little ones, but they all cry and scream. We try to have someone on the porch in a friendly costume and give them a little stuffed animal (this year 2007 we'll give helium balloons too) to quell their tears.

Friends and family constantly ask for pics and updates on what we're working on so I decided to make this page. If you happened to stumble onto it, we welcome you and hope you enjoy it!

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