*** To place an order, email eamon_mcgrath[at]yahoo.ca and specify which recording(s) you would like to own along with some kind words and we’ll set up a time and place to meet and exchange a handshake and a brand new, one of a kind, handmade CASSETTES RECORDS cdr!!! Sounds like a steal of a deal, eh? HELL YEEEAH!!!!



OUT NOW!!! VA - Killed By Noise: Vol. 1 ($5) The first in a long line of killer compilations of the most crucial noise acts from Western Canada! Tracklisting: 1. the internet! - Falling Down 2. Aerosol Constellations - Never In a Dream 3. Doublethink - Untitled live set 4. Holzkopf - 2 5. Burymeineden - Keep Always For Me In This Dim Corner 6. Red Medicine - Beat of a Dead Bird's Wings excerpt 7. Shearing Pinx - Sinking Ship 8. Holzkopf vs. Princesse Rotative - Ure Free vs Gaki 9. Feral Children - Sucked Outta the Room 10. Cocaine Eyes - Sister Ray 11. Mehta Youngs - Guwa

OUT NOW!!! The Fawkes - Sunshine Girls CDR ($5)
Holzkopf and Eamon McGrath offer their first release in a long line of upcoming noise battles that is the closest thing to deep house Cassettes will probably ever release. Deep beats, heavy grooves, machine drums, human error, hard noise, ambient soundscapes, digital destruction in a post-organic world. This is the music to be played at armageddon's after party, what the anarcho punks want to hear at the rave. 50 copies. 8 untitled tracks. Available in digital format from PANOSPRIA


Ashes – Ashes One CDR (free)
Ashes is a dirge of noise and drone, using guitar, voice and assorted electronics. Two guys, two amps, and tons of shit. This is the first ever Ashes recording. Tracklisting: 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. 5

Ashes – Noise Does Noise CDR (free)
More in the loud noise vein from Ashes. Recorded directly to cassette tape, using beats from a computer, and featuring an epic Velvet Underground cover. Tracklisting: 1. Untitled 1 2. Sweet jane

Ashes - City and Country CDR ($5)
On CITY AND COUNTRY, Ashes unleashes the heaviest guitar noise imaginable over a wash of field recordings and urban sounds. Ashes charts the transition from a natural, organic way of life to a mechanical, technological one, re-creating the sounds of melting ice caps, chainsaws in forests, and waves levelling skyscrapers. CITY AND COUNTRY is the peace that lies ahead. Composed for an installation piece at Edmonton's Works festival. Tracklisting: 1. City and Country

Eamon McGrath - Pink Film CDR ($5)
The long, cold Alberta winters get so depressing that every once in awhile you gotta bring out the soul records. 
Pink Film finds a bridge between Otis Redding, Gram Parsons, Black Flag, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Swell Maps, and whatever else is in the record shelves right now. Winter gives the blues, this is what it gets back: nine songs filled with broken strings, shattered glass and cracked throats. 1. Warm weather 2. Caves 3. Holy roller parts one & two 4. Darby crash and burn guitars 5. The civil war 6. October's daughters 7. Prisoners 8. Desperation, alberta 9. The republic

Eamon McGrath - "Ginghamland" CDR ($5)
"Ginghamland" is a lot of things: a world of hyper-masculinity artist Arnold Hendrickson retreated to when overwhelmed by the reality of living with two grandmothers, two great aunts, two female cousins, and a sister in his Pennsylvanian upbringing, a world filled with two-headed dogs, phallic buildings, and erectile objects; "Ginghamland" is also a story of growing up in slam pits: young, drunk, high, pissed off, and full of the blues. 1. Sinking ship 2. Land of dogs 3. Whiskey blues 4. My lungs 5. Let your hair grow long 6. Saint joan 7. Elevator 8. Dirty money

Eamon McGrath – I Have No Faith CDR ($5)
Eamon puts down the acoustic guitar for awhile and bangs it out on a drum kit. The result is nine tracks: seven heavy-hitting rock and roll numbers, with some room made for the quieter stuff and a Son House cover. Tracklisting: 1. Big river 2. Machine gun cowboy 3. Whiskey breath 4. Death letter (son house) 5. The devil’s on his way 6. The leading man 7. File under fire 8. Wolf mouth 9. Over she goes

Eamon McGrath - New Tattoo CDR ($5)
This time around Eamon drowns his sorrows in a vat of wine and Robert Pollard records, amounting to a record that incorporates the lo-fi indie rock, balls-out garage and delicate folk that he's become known for. Tracklisting: 1. Along the lines 2. Buffalo daughter 3. Cigarettes at midnight 4. First in the line 5. Here she comes 6. Labour days 7. New tattoo 8. Problem child 9. We're all astronauts 10. That wild thin mercury sound

Eamon McGrath – Demolition City CDR ($5)
Eamon McGrath ditches the folk shit and brings out amplifiers and a pound of weed. DEMOLITION CITY is a psychedelic assault, instead of a quiet folk affair. It’s also the longest playing Cassettes release yet, clocking in at around 45 minutes. Tracklisting: 1. Before you got so sad 2. I just want to see her face 3. Freedom summer 4. Dying hard 5. Black mule 6. Piece of the moon 7. The royal we 8. Black angel 9. Babel 10. New words and poison apples 11. Sick with baby 12. The flood 13. Nowhere

Eamon McGrath – Victim of Time CDR ($5)
The most fragmented, disconnected Cassettes release yet. Eamon tries everything from Edward Hopper-inspired folk to drug-induced psychedelia and comes out with calloused fingers and a headache. He even covers the Constantines. Tracklisting: 1. Roadstop cocksuckers of north america. 2. Black swan 3. Ketamine blues 4. Do not go now into the night 5. Wonder boys 6. Cold killer 7. Night vision 8. Hudson arms 9. Young offenders 10. Mystery machine

Eamon McGrath – Zebra MP3/CDR (free)
ZEBRA is every record in Eamon McGrath’s collection rolled into one big Benson & Hedges and shotgunned. Also available for free online. (www.myspace.com/eamonmcgrath) Tracklisting: 1. I’m your biggest fan 2. Misery river 3. Arizona 4. Love song 69 5. Why do we sleep? 6. The west 7. Bootlegger 8. Somebody’s sending me an angel 9. Only son 10. The bell witch project. Download here.

Eamon McGrath – New Shit MP3/CDR (free)
Just a guy, his guitar, a Radioshack mic, and a computer. Like the name says: rough takes of songs, just some NEW SHIT. Tracklisting: 1. Wild dogs 2. Songs to sing when you’re dead 3. Nobody knows 4. I’ll never be in love 5. Heart of mine 6. Badlands 7. A total wreck. Download here.

Eamon McGrath
– 9 Home Demos CDR (free)
9 demos handpicked from a pile of cassette tapes in Eamon’s room. Through the layers of murky tape hiss you can pick out bubblegum melodies about alcohol and drugs. Tracklisting: 1. Knife 2. All the king’s men 3. Empty bottle 4. Drink myself to sleep 5. Fuzz girl 6. Do no harm 7. Old red eyes 8. Good feeling 9. Playing in the window

Holzkopf - Live at Avenue Skatepark 6.20.07 3"CDR ($7)
Cassettes Records' first for-sale release, but don't worry, it only costs seven bucks. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's ambassador of noise lays down his trademark anarcho/noise/punk/hip hop hybrid to a crowd of skaters and lays waste. LIVE AT AVENUE SKATEPARK 6.20.07 is a journey beginning in realms of Merzbow-style harsh noise, then taking us into an ambient/drone/IDM minefield and ending with some heavier-than-heavy Wolf Eyes-style stompers. A whole set recorded live off the floor in a halfpipe in Edmonton, Alberta. Packaged from the recycled sleeves of old shitty LPs, ever cover is hand-made and one of a kind! Tracklisting: 1. 1 2. 2 3. Live on CJSR

Red Medicine vs. Holzkopf - Live at the Velvet Underground CDR ($5)
The meeting of two of Edmonton's most well-known noise acts in a live noise battle that can only be described as pure screaming hell. Electronic beats drift in and out of this hardcore punk nightmare. Bent circuits and feedback anchor this sonic assault. 2 untitled tracks.

Red Medicine vs. Holzkopf Vol. 2 - The Beat of a Dead Bird's Wings CDR ($5)
The second installment in Red Medicine and Holzkopf's battles series, only this time around Taylor sets up his drum set and pounds tribal rhythms out under a storm of death chants and power electronics. One long track, an experiment in punk/death psychedelia. By far the harshest release from either of these fine folks to date. Recorded live at the inaugural Noise in the Park Festival in Edmonton, September 2007. A video excerpt of some of this performance is available here.

The Wild Dogs - Transgressive Age Vol. 2 (free)
The second installment in the Wild Dogs’ 
Transgressive Age series. Recorded live at the Velvet Underground! Serves as a fine example of the Wild Dogs at their most drunken, loud, and psychedelic, and featuring a cover of Bob Dylan’s classic "Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues." Raw as hell, featuring Mark Chmilar and Rick Reid of Edmonton’s City Streets who play drums and guitar respectively. Available for free download free of charge!! 1. hello 2. before you got so sad 3. here she comes 4. big river 5. machine gun cowboy 6. songs to sing when yr dead 7. tuning 8. wild dogs 9. sweet child 10. son house 11. fuck up 12. tom thumb 13. goodbye Download here.



Eamon McGrath - Paradise Towers




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