Other Grants                                                                                           

Grants in support of educational projects in developing countries

Applications for these awards may be made any time during the year, although grants are only awarded in July of each year. Therefore we would advise applicants to submit their applications between 1st April and 31st May to ensure that information provided is current at the time of consideration. Grants will next be made in July 2017.

Key determining factors in successful applications include:

UK registered charities with low administrative costs

Projects that address inequality of access to education

Projects that demonstrate a ripple effect to families and communities beyond the immediate beneficiary

Projects that directly support secondary, tertiary or adult education or capacity building (eg IT projects)

Applications should be made by letter or email to the address below and identify a specific project for funding. Whilst we do not wish to make the application process onerous, the following may provide some guidance about what you might tell us:

Why you are the right organisation to do what you do in the area you work in?

Why the work is not being undertaken by NGOs?

The quality of your governance and accountability procedures (Including transfer of funds/sustainability)

How you monitor & evaluate your projects and measure your own success

The gender balance of beneficiaries and access to your project

Numbers of actual beneficiaries and actual outcomes

The Cassel Trust will currently only consider funding for one year.

Grants in support of educational projects in the UK

We also provide grants to organisations in the United Kingdom for educational purposes. Again, applications are considered in July each year. 

These grants have been made to a diverse range of projects in the past including: Operation New World (educational programme for the young unemployed), The Burnbake Trust (arts projects to assist in the rehabilitation of prisoners), Project Trust (supporting bursaries for young people to volunteer overseas), Step Together (formally World Wide Volunteering - supporting bursaries for young people and adults to undertake volunteering opportunities or training).

Application for these awards is to the address below by way of letter or e-mail and can be made at any time during the year, although as mentioned above, applications submitted between 1st April and 31st May will be providing more current information than those received significantly earlier.