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Doing the productivity assignment really taught me lots of useful information to use in a classroom setting.  I really learned a great deal about Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  One important thing I learned is how useful these programs can be in creating a classroom.  For example, using PowerPoint to set up a seating chart is a wonderful idea.  Creating a seating chart not only helps you feel organized, but it also helps add some structure to your classroom.  While creating my seating chart, I learned how to use the different shapes to make different things in my classroom, such as desks.  I also learned how to incorporate clip art into my seating chart to give it a more realistic look.  PowerPoint could be used in a kindergarten classroom to help the children learn their alphabet and other words.  A teacher could use the PowerPoint slides and put a different letter of the alphabet on each slide.  The teacher could also put a picture on the slide that starts with that particular letter.  For example, a slide for the letter "C" could have a picture of a cat on it. 

Since it was my first time using Excel, everything was new to me.  I learned how to chart information and get a pictograph for that information.  I also learned how to insert clip art into a pictograph.  Learning how to record attendance and grades for a classroom was also very helpful.  I think that students in kindergarten could use Excel to help the teacher make charts and pictographs for something such as there favorite letter.  By creating a chart, students have a fun and interesting way to see their classes results. 

Using word to create certificates, name tags, a newsletter, and a calender was actually enjoyable.  I learned about all of the different templates that teachers can use for their own classroom.  I liked the fact that I could actually change the templates to the way I liked them.  Doing the certificates, I learned to change the border of the picture.  I also learned how to use different colors within my certifcates and also incorporate clip art in them.   In a classroom, students could also learn to create certificates.  For example, they could make a certificate for mothers day, or for a family members birthday.  Making certificates could also help them with their spelling.   I also learned how to make a table and use bullots when doing my newsletter.  This project was very helpful for me.  It really made me have a better understanding of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.  This project helped me learn to create my own materials that I would need in order to prepare myself for the school year.

Students can use PowerPoint to create a presentation on shapes.  The presentation would include different shapes and the names of the shapes.  This would not only teach children about shapes, but also about letters and spelling.  In order to do this project, the teacher would ask students to find shapes that are in their lives daily.  They can find them from home or school.  The students can also bring in pictures of their home or something in their home and locate all of the shapes in the picture.  After finding the shapes and identifying the shapes by their name, the students can create their PowerPoint presentation.  By using PowerPoint for their presentation, the students can use clip art to find pictures of different shapes.  Students can also make the shapes different sizes and colors and include words by naming the shape.

Another fun project for students is one that requires them to get to know themselves and their friends in the classroom.  The teacher asks the students to think about what they like and what they don't like.  The students can also ask their friends in their class what they like and dislike.  The teacher can then download the Meet Our Class PowerPoint presentation file and the students can start to create their "Meet Our Class" slides.  The slides can include every students name and the things they enjoy.  The students can also include clip art onto their slides.  After all of the slides are finished, the teacher can show the presentation to the class.  By doing this project and presentation, students learn more about themselves, they also learn about other friends in their classroom.  This project also teaches students to use PowerPoint to create slides that include words and pictures.

Doing the lesson Animal Alphabet, students get to go on a field trip to the zoo to look at and learn about many different kinds of animals.  The students are asked to think about animals that start with the different letters of the alphabet and then to make a class alphabet book displaying the animals that they looked at.  Students can use the internet to find facts about the different animals.  They can also use PowerPoint to create a presentation of their alphabet book, which can include pictures of the animals and the name of the animal.  The slides can also include some facts that they learned about the animals.  Doing this project helps children to learn about animals and the letters of the alphabet.