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The Power Point game I created is called "Rhyme Time."  It is a game to help kindergarten students learn about rhyming words. 

In "Rhyme Time" children play students who want to become writers.  They want to create a rhyme book that includes short poems, rhyming words, and pictures.  However, they need some help and the materials to create the book.  The book is a going to be a surprise for mom, so they go out in the neighborhood to get their friends and family to help them. 

The game board is the neighborhood and the game pieces are nursery rhyme characters.  The first step is to roll the dice.  If you land on a house, you get the chance to answer a question on rhymes.  If you get the question correct, then you get to draw from the "prize" cards to see what materials you receive to help you create your book.  To win the game, you have to be the first person back to start with at least four or more materials to create your book with.  If you reach start without four or more materials you have to keep going around the game board to get them.

This game could be used to help teach a lesson on rhyming words.  The game includes songs, nursery rhymes, and pictures that could help make learning about rhyming words more interesting.  The game also allows students to work in groups and be active in what they are learning.   Playing a game could be used in place of doing worksheets or class discussion.  By allowing your students to play a game to learn rhyming words can make a lesson much more fun for students.