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My group created an iMovie called, "What NOT to do on a Field Trip."  Creating the video footage was actually a fun experience.  I had to learn how to work the video camera properly, but it was pretty easy.  After the first time using the camera, I got the hang of it.  Our video portrayed a class on a field trip to Ramsey.  During the field trip, the teacher really showed no supervision at all.  The students had no guidance and were allowed to roam freely throughout  Ramsey.  The video showed what types of trouble the students got into without having the teacher to look out for them.  The video also showed what the teacher did throughout the day at Ramsey. 

In my experience, using digital images was an exciting way to learn about teaching strategies.  I also believe that, as a teacher, using digital images in the classroom would be an interesting and fun way to teach students.  I have learned that using digital images in the classroom is a wonderful way to get students involved in learning.  In using digital images, students also get to watch and/or hear their finish project.  I think that using digital images is not only fun to create, but also fun to see.

Introducing...Students with Life seems like a fun way to include digital images in learning.  In doing this project, the teacher begins by reading books about famous people to the class.  After reading the book, the class then discusses what it would be like to be famous.  After discussion, the students get to decide on who they would like to become.  They can chose between the famous person, photographer, reporter, limo driver, or a fan.  The students also get to chose what they are famous for.  For example, reading or writing.  The students then begin to act.  In this project, students get to use iPhoto and iMovie.  They can take pictures and video of the famous people, the fans, or the setting.  The students who are the reporters begin to interview the famous people about why they are famous for reading or writing.  The reporters could ask questions like, "What is your favorite book?"  They could also ask questions on how to write letters of the alphabet, or your name.  Through this activity, students learn to use digital cameras.  They are allowed to take as many pictures as they need.  They then learn how to edit the photos, like how to take the redness out of someone's eyes.  Students also get to use video cameras.  They learn to record, pause, and zoom in and out.  They then use iMovie to drag clips to the clip viewer and to create titles.  This project could be good to use in a kindergarten language arts class because it involves reading and finding different ways of communicating.   This project also helps students to learn about themselves and about different roles.  The students also learn how to work together and get to learn more about their friends in their classroom.  The teacher uses the digital images to help teach the students how to use them.  The teacher also uses iMovie to demonstrate to the students how to use it.  The students are taught how to use digital images both properly and safely, since they will be the ones who are actually doing the video and pictures.

Kindergarten Takes a Trip to the Zoo is another example of a project including digital images.  First, the students read books about different zoo aniamls.  They then create a list of the animals they expect to see at the zoo and what they would like to learn about the animals.  Then the class actually goes on a field trip to the zoo.  At the zoo, the teacher uses a video camera to record the animals.  The students can also take digital pictures with some assistance.  When the students get back to the classroom, they talk about what they saw and learned from the zoo field trip.  The students then draw a picture of their favorite animal from the zoo and write something about that animal.  The teacher scans the students work and saves it to a JPEG file and puts them into iPhoto.  Students are then videotaped talking about the animals.  The teacher also incorporates this into an iMovie that the class can watch.  Doing this project, students are engaged in reading and writing.  They also get to be involved in taking digital pictures. 

Another project that involves digital images is called Alphabet Photo Book.  This project helps students to learn the alphabet and the different sounds that each of the letters make.  Creating an Alphabet Photo Book is a fun way for students to learn the letters of the alphabet.  The Alphabet Photo Book can also include pictures, which makes the project even more interesting.  In this project, iPhoto is used to create the book.  However, before beginning the alphabet book, the teacher reads books about the alphabet to the class.  Together, the students and teacher come up with objects that start with each letter of the alphabet.  The students then use a digital camera to take pictures of objects to put in their book.  The students can also bring photos from home.  The students then put photos into iPhoto albums.  The teacher can use the scanner to create print from home into a digital format so that it can be included in the album.  The students then write something about the objects in their book.  After the book is finished, the teacher can print out copies so that the students can take them home.  This project includes learning the alphabet and the different sounds the letters make.  It also involves reading and writing.    

Another fun project that includes digital imaging is Preserving Memories: Creating iPhoto Books.  Students use a digital camera to take pictures of their grandparents and then of themselves and create a photo book.  This project helps children learn about their families and what school was like when their grandparents were in kindergarten.  This project also helps kindergarters with writing, because they are asked to write about what they have learned from talking with their grandparent or someone older.  Parents may also want to be involved to help their child ask a grandparent about what school was like for them.  In class, the teacher will help the student to  compare what they learned from their grandparents to their own kindergarten class.  The teacher then shows the students how to create an iPhoto book.  The students can also create an iPhoto book about what they like about their own kindergarten class to show at home.  This project can help children with their writing skills, while also connecting them to their family.