Please complete our Neighborhood Crime Survey

We've found many of the crimes that neighbors reported to us were never reported to police.  We're trying to learn as much as we can about these crimes in order to learn from the crimes as much as we can about those committing them.   
  1. We need to focus our limited human power for patrols to times and locations we're highly likely to catch these criminals in the act
  2. In order to justify and advocate for scarce law enforcement resources, we need to prove the extent and inter-relatedness of crimes and beyond any doubt that these are not isolated, disconnected events 
We also need volunteers and want to know how best to create the opportunities for people to lend a hand in such a way as to make sure people aren't afraid to lend one (i.e. in being over-committed, feeling pressured, etc.), so we want your feedback on how to make these opportunities easiest for you!

Please make a donation!  

Please see our fundraising campaign page for information about our immediate financial or material needs.  You might be able to donate time, money, or items that we need in order to catch those responsible, or maybe you just want to help the victims of these crimes as a neighborhood pay for their insurance deductibles after each incident.  If all of us pitched in $5 each time, none of us would be out $250-500 per incident instead.  

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