From Scullery, a short fantastic courtroom suspense:

“What did I see in there? In the scullery?” I ask them both.

“I can’t tell you what you saw,” Ellis says, “though by the looks of it, you came quite close.”

“Enough already,” I jest, and introduce myself properly to Dolores, who turns out to be his new love, and offers to get some lotion for my eye. “Does the goat protect you? Or just the gold?” I ask, having read that in a book.

“The goat is a protection,” the mayor says.

“Is it not just a ruse?” I wonder, regardless of what I saw, “Is there not really another source for the gold? Your books say that golden goats are reported in places where gold was already found.”

“Books are books and a goat is a goat,” he replies.

“Are you not afraid that anyone will steal the goat?” I wonder.

“She’s rather psychic about that,” Dolores says. She has the lotion.

“Listen,” I tell her as she sits down next to me, “I am not here because the mayor wanted me to. It’s just that his attorneys feel they should be taken seriously. Now, I’ve fought in Congo and saw a lot of stuff that was and wasn’t real, so I am here to go by my hunch and my hunch is that those gentlemen who dragged Mr. Forrester to court, who, by the way, have spent their lives on what is now his side of the aisle, got to see the same trick I did. Perhaps they even asked you, Mr. Forrester, if you yourself had lodged the nuggets up the goat’s rear.”

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