The colonial era of Peru created a system of policies that were widely unfavorable for the indigenous peoples. These policies in turn created an atmosphere that tolerated ethnic discrimination on a wide national scale. As the modern era gradually set in, it dissolved the entities which originally created and enforced these social injustices. However, it did not stop questionable authorities from continuing these practices.


Although the indigenous peoples of the state of Ayacucho had their own traditional customs and tribal councils, it became evident to them that it was not enough to cope with the ever changing world around them. During brief contact with outsiders it was first documented that as early as the 1700's that a collective organization was in existence for the people of Casma Palla-Palla to help fill this void.



During 1974 a newly formed law (Law of Native Communities) led to social reform for the indigenous peoples which not only granted long denied rights that non-indigenous citizens had access to; but It also granted them new educational and business opportunities. In addition in 1979 another law came into effect which created an organization that is now known as the Inter-Ethnic Association for Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP). Its function was established as a national entity meant to protect the rights of the indigenous peoples of Peru. However, due to bureaucratic problems within the Peruvian government; the people of Casma Palla-Palla requested the creation of an independent organization on an international scale to represent them. Therefore as a result of this request, Casma Global came to existence in 2012.


In recognizing the needs of Casma Palla-Palla, the Casma Global organization has committed itself to:


-Representing the respective interests of all affiliated indigenous peoples.


-Protection, preservation, and enforcement of the boundaries of respective tribal territories.


-Maintaining and developing cultural identity, history and values of respective indigenous peoples.


We will make use of every legal action available not only on local and national levels of Peruvian law but also all international laws as well.


The Casma Global Project, civil Association is legally a nonprofit with legal status of domestic private law, registered in the Public Registry of Associations Book.


-Dated October 1, 2014.

Casma Palla Palla - Peru