Speak out!
It's time for school librarians to step out and enlighten their communities about 
all the ways their libraries impact students’ education.  

During 2011, Colorado schools began implementing the newly revised  Colorado Academic Standards, which incorporate workforce readiness and 21st century skills. 

We believe that School Librarians are uniquely qualified to teach to and assist in the implementation of the new standards; they are 21st Century skills experts. 

In order to better communicate to our community members what "21st century skills" are all about, we created a brand or “taglines” for the 21st century skills of the Colorado Academic Standards (seen at left).

On this site, you will find message templates (sample e-mails, letters, newsletter blurbs, brochures, and even videos) containing these taglines and targeting specific stakeholder audiences in order to promote school librarians as 21st century skills experts.  We hope that these sample templates will be used by school librarians and school library advocates to inform their communities about the vital and irreplaceable role that school librarians play in teaching and learning. Maybe you’ll get inspired to create something for us that we can use, too.  In the meantime, we hope you find this site helpful.

From the Colorado Association of School Librarians - Please join us.