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Name: Mark Montoya
Callsign: Warlord
Team Co-Captain                 

Years Played: 2000 to Present

Bio: Mark has played paintball since he was 15 when he received his first pump marker for Christmas. he was with Preacher the first time he played paintball with their church youth group. In 2008 Preacher invited him to play with Casket Company at the Badlandz Mob rule big game. Mark played With them for about a year, and on May 23, 2009 Casket Co honored him by making him a Member of their team. Mark currently writes and direct Scenario games and Big games for The Badlandz in Crete IL. He has since moved on running only one big game a year as of 2013. In August 2012 Mark was given the new position as Co. Captain of Casket Co.

The Gear 

Marker: Tippmann 98 custom w/ Cyclone                     

Barrel: Tippmann 98 8.5" barrel, 
16” TippmannSniper barrel                                             

Hopper: stock Tippmann cyclone hopper                                          

Tank: 20oz CO2, 12oz CO2

Mask: Modified V-Force armor Mjolnir Mk. 6 halo replica,
Modified Iron Man JT Elite headshield 
Accessories: BT Car Stock
BT M4 carry rail
TRUGLO Red Dot Scope
Bossman M4 magazine
BT M4 barrel gaurd
Tactical flashlight
RAP4 folding tactical Front Grip

Other Gear: Surplus Olive Drab Tactical Mollie Vest
Tippmann TPX Leg Holster
Rap4 leg 2x pod holder

Secondary Marker

Marker: Tippmann TPX With Three 8 Round Magazines