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Team and Player Awards

October 2007 The Badlandz Big Game "WW2 Germany Vs. Russia"
(Casket Co. walked away with the Sportsmanship Award collectively for the entire team.)
January 2008 The Badlandz Scenario "Frostbite Falls Vs. Dump City"
  (The Brainsaw was given the Sportsmanship award)
October 2008 The Badlandz Big Game "WW2 Japan Vs. U.S.
       (The Donk was awarded MVP)
August 2009 The Badlandz Big Game "Fallout 3" U.S. Vs. China
     (The Donk was given the Sportsmanship  award)
November 2009 The Badlandz Big Game "Battered Bastard's of Bastogne"
        (Warlord was victorious as the General of the American forces)
July 2011 The Badlandz Big Game "Terminator: No Fate But What We Make"
            (The Brainsaw who Generaled the Human Resistance at this game was given the Sportsmanship award
                        by his Rival General because of the honor and integrity for which he played with.

(Over the years Bodyguard has earned several awards including MVP and sportsmanship,
but he is unable to recall their dates and games.)