Fabio Fumi's Casio Pocket Viewer page

PVMail v 2.04 - 11 Nov 2001
NOT for PVS1600 model

An application that allows you to read and write e-mail Messages on your Pocket Viewer, while keeping them sync-ed with a Microsoft Outlook™ 97 / 98 or 2000 server.

Download, and unzip PVMail_2.0.4.zip (287 Kb), to install the application on both your PC, and PV unit.
PVContiki v 0.03 - 4 Jun 2003
For PV-S1600 model only

I started porting to the PV-S1600 platform a Web Browser, derived from the Adam Dunkel's Contiki embedded OS project.

Standing to my *dreamingful* Porting Plan (see ReadMe), I completed phase 3, including a GIF and a JPEG viewer, although the rendering algorithm is still to be optimized for the Black&White PV display.

The GIF viewer is my adaptation of a Gif2Bmp program found on the Adam Dunkel's project, while the JPEG viewer is my adaptation of the free Jpeg Library from http://www.ijg.org.

Unzip PV_Contiki.zip.

PV-uIP NOT for PV-S1600 model

This is the first implementaion of a TCP/IP stack on the PV (at April, 12th 2002), madeby porting to the PV platform the uIP, originally developed by Adam Dunkels.

As a proof-of-concept application, I used an adaptatoin of the HTTP server already implemented for the porting of uIP to the C64 (yes, the dear old Commodore!).

This was just a demonstration about how it's possible to access PV data using no proprietary software on the PC, but a general-purpose web browser. Note that no PV-specific driver is needed on the PC. Read the included guide for a deeper explanation on how to use PV-uIP.

Unfortunately, in case you wanted to migrate PV-uIP for the PV-S1600, you would need the PV-proprietary USB driver installed on your PC.

PV-USB For PV-S1600 model only

This is a zipped Word document with embedded Visual Basic code (I don't have the latest full VB version installed on my PC... Read the document to execute the code) which implements an USB communication with the PV-S1600.
FileSave NOT for PV-S1600 model

A *very* early release of a file download/upload utility (both the PV source code, and the Visual Basic partner for PC). Please, take only as an example of serial communication code, since it's not much tested!

ParserNOT for PV-S1600 model

An expression evaluator for the Casio Pocket Viewer, with a VERY basic plotting functionality (source code included). That was my very first application for PV (back in Y2K)!

The only community still active on Casio PV which I'm aware of is the German PocketViewer.de (with an Engish forum too).

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