The Gallery of "100% Graduation Rates"

All the schools mentioned below have been publicized as having "100% graduation rates." Each of the graphs below shows the enrollment of a cohort of students (class) as these students pass from 9th grade to 12th grade over a 4-year period. In each case, the number of students in the cohort group drops significantly from 9th grade to 12th grade, indicating large attrition. Yet the schools were able to claim "100% graduation rate" on paper by recording all students who departed as "transferring" to other schools by "choice."  It is questionable whether enough followup was done to ensure that these departing students really did continue their education.  Further, it is not clear why a high school should be so completely absolved of responsibility for attrition.  A better way of measuring graduation rate is needed.

Concord Academy Petoskey, Michigan

Petoskey News, June 3, 2011
"Concord Academy Petoskey recently became the state's ninth public school academy (charter school) to attain the status of Michigan School of Excellence."
"Concord's authorizing organization, Lake Superior State University, has offered the Petoskey school a new contract to operate for 10 years as a School of Excellence."       "...last year, Concord posted a 100 percent graduation rate"

Young Women's Leadership Charter School, Chicago IL

From an April 5, 2011 news article on WBEZ 91.5 website:
"Rahm Emanuel said that he wants an all-girls charter school to add another campus in Chicago. The mayor-elect praised the Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago, while glossing over parts of its record.
`You have three hundred applicants for 50 openings in class,' Emanuel told the crowd of the school's supporters at a downtown hotel. `Let's give them another choice in the city of Chicago. Another charter.'
Emanuel called the school's results `quite impressive,' though state records show only 15-percent of high schoolers there met state standards. The mayor-elect twice on Monday cited a `hundred percent graduation rate' at the charter school."

Harmony Science Academy Dallas (Harmony Public Schools chain) Texas

PBS website "The Gulen Movement," Religion and Ethics News Weekly, Jan 21, 2011
"About 60 percent of the kids in the Texas Harmony schools come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. The schools say they have a 100 percent graduation rate. No wonder there are 21,000 kids on the waiting list."

Odessa American, May 25, 2010   New school waits for approval
"Harmony schools have had good reviews from U.S. News and World Report, and all of their schools are recognized campuses. The school website says they have a 100 percent college acceptance rate and a zero percent dropout rate for 2009-’10 school year."

Dayton Early College Academy, Dayton Ohio

From Jan 2010 issue of Catalyst, article entitled
"The race is on: Duncan uses federal dollars to force change, spark innovation
"The future of programs like the Dayton Early College Academy hinges on Ohio’s ability to grab some of Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s $4.35 billion “Race to the Top” money. 
Students at this urban charter school, which is operated by the University of Dayton, don’t fit the statistical profile of kids likely to be busting down the doors of colleges and universities. Virtually all are poor, most are African-American or Latino......But as youngsters at surrounding public high schools founder, DECA students are earning college credits, graduating from high school and moving on to college. Last spring, the school posted a 100 percent graduation rate, and all of its 26 graduates were accepted to college."


SEED School of Washington DC

From an August 13, 2010 webpage with video segment on the NewsOne website
"In a neighborhood where only 33 percent of students make it through high school and few go on to college, the Seed School in Washington DC is making a difference to get its youngsters on the road to success.  Most students entering the Seed School do so three grades below grade level. Upon entry, students are set up in dormitories during the week and allowed to spend weekends at home. This year, the school proudly reported a 100 percent graduation and college acceptance rate."  A video segment on SEED from MSNBC can also be viewed on this webpage.

Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, Ohio

March 25, 2010 Report by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute: "Needles in a Haystack: Lessons from Ohio’s high-performing, high-need urban schools"
"The Horizon High School, into which most of the middle school students matriculate, boasts 100 percent graduation and 90 percent college-acceptance rates."

CATCH - Crenshaw Arts Tech Charter High, Los Angeles CA

The website of this school (accessed June 30, 2011) says "CATCH is a charter high school with a 100% graduation rate, and the tuition is absolutely free!"

Hyde Leadership Public Charter School, Washington DC  (renamed Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter )

The website of Hyde Leadership Public Charter School (Hyde-DC) (accessed July 1, 2011) says:  "The Class of 2009 data, released on January 8, 2010, shows a 100% graduation rate for Hyde-DC, the highest of any public high school in the District!"

Dove Science Academy, Oklahoma City

The 2009-2010 Oklahoma state report card for Dove Science Academy Oklahoma City shows a 100% graduation rate. School Report Card.pdf

A Tulsa World article from October 26, 2009 entitled "Tulsa school board ends charter with Dove Science Academy" contains the somewhat puzzling statement: "They have also achieved a 100 percent graduation rate, something that Dove requires of all students."